45/48 Lost Relics Location at Event Over Zone Goddess of Victory: Nikke

45/48 Lost Relics Location at Event Over Zone: Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a popular Gacha title with a constantly expanding cast of characters.

This famous action RPG title is set in a post-apocalyptic planet overrun by mechanical aliens. Humans have gathered an army of Nikkes to confront these aliens, and the gamers must lead this army in battle. This game already offers 82 characters from which to build your squad for this fight.

This game, like the others, has a lot to offer, but many of the in-game awards are not available to free players. However, the producers have left several means for players to get these characters and other incentives. This guide will go through how to earn free pulls in Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

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45/48 Lost Relics Location at Event Over Zone
45/48 Lost Relics Location at Event Over Zone

There are several daily and weekly objectives for players to perform, which will allow them to earn enough points to purchase a variety of items in the game. These daily assignments are rather simple to complete.

You can get free pulls for testing out new characters in the game for the first time, engaging in a particular amount of bouts, and doing other things. This is a terrific strategy to increase your chances of receiving all of the characters you desire. The character tier list for this game can be found here.

45/48 Lost Relics Location at Event Over Zone:

Participating in various events might also assist you in earning free pulls. The game just celebrated its half-year anniversary with a special event. There, they’ve given away several enticing prizes, such as Dorothy’s Acrylic Stand x 10, Dorothy’s and Snow White’s Acrylic Stand x 2, and a USD35 Amazon Gift Card x 10.

These gifts were available to players as daily login bonuses during this event. However, there are alternative methods to obtain these prizes, including limited-time missions and other means.

Players may gain social points by encouraging their friends in the game to join a guild, which can help them earn more of these free pulls. Play co-op Missions with other players in the game to gain additional social Points. At first glance, It may not appear to be much.

However, after players have accumulated enough points. They may easily utilise them to purchase the finest characters in the Game. They can even purchase SSR personalities if they are fortunate enough. These characters are otherwise extremely difficult to locate in the game. Here are the greatest Goddess of Victory: Nikke characters in the current meta.

Complete the achievements:

To obtain additional points in Goddess of Victory: Nikke, complete the in-game accomplishments. These milestones typically require chores such as beating several opponents or attaining specific levels in the game. The action-RPG gacha title includes in-game currency that let users to obtain more free pulls.

These benefits maintain the game worthy of being free-to-play and hence appealing for all sorts of players. This game has a global fan following and fantastic ways to acquire free pulls to entice additional players. The game just announced a cooperation with Chainsaw Man; learn more about it here.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke provides a plethora of login incentives, which is an easy and effective way for users to obtain free pulls. Goddess of Victory: Nikke, like many other gacha games, provides login incentives. These benefits might include in-game cash, goods, and other things.

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