Call of Duty Mobile Tournaments Collecting Camos

Call of Duty Mobile Tournaments Collecting Camos: Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 is nearing completion, with the next update due in a few days.

However, before the season ends, users should review in-game events to see whether they missed out on any free gifts. This contains Battle Pass XP, camos, weapon blueprints, and a variety of other uncommon cosmetics. Be Kind, Grind is an ongoing event that may be found under the Featured menu Call of Duty Mobile Tournaments Collecting Camos.

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Call of Duty Mobile Tournaments Collecting Camos

By performing specific tasks in the MP game mode’s Grind matches, players may get a free Kilo Bolt-Action camo, Vivian Harris Shards, and other goodies. However, gamers must act quickly since the event, along with Call of Duty Mobile Season 3, is coming to a close.

Activision launched a set of dazzling new weapon skins called as Diamond Camo during the previous season 13 of Call of Duty Mobile (COD Mobile) back in 2020. However, rather than receiving these weapon skins from loot boxes, players will have to grind hard in order to achieve these rare skins.

The requirements necessary to earn these skins are frequently too difficult for casual players, necessitating devotion and expertise. Needless to say, obtaining these unique skins is a difficult task. But this skin is more than just a pretty face; unlocking it will serve as confirmation of your perseverance and competence in COD Mobile. Here’s how to achieve Diamond Camo in COD Mobile as soon as possible.

About the ongoing Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Featured challenge:

Be Kind, Grind began last week and will run through April 26, 2023, 11:59:59 pm (UTC). In Call of Duty Mobile’s Multiplayer Featured section, the tasks in the ongoing event are either centred on Grind matches or Ground War. The Disco Bomb sticker and Kilo Bolt-Action – Late Nights will be accessible in the Gunsmith loadout area for the uninitiated.

At the same time, the fortunate Draw Coupon will become usable in-game, and players will be able to use it in any ongoing fortunate draw to reduce the cost of the initial pull to 1 CP (COD Points). The Vivian Harris Shards will also be shown in Inventory, letting users to create the “Vivian Harris – Long Live Revolution” Operator after collecting 100 of them.

Diamond Camo weapon skins are presently the most difficult to achieve in the game. In COD Mobile, players will have to grind for days to get these gleaming weapon skins. Furthermore, in order to begin the Diamond Camo tasks, players must first complete the Gold, Platinum, and Damascus camo weapon skins quests. Players who wish to obtain the Diamond Camo weapon skins must travel a significant distance.

Shipment 1944 matches:

Disable all other multiplayer game modes except Free For All. Choose the Shipment 1944 map. This is the game’s smallest area, which will be useful for close-quarters fighting to achieve more kills in a shorter amount of time. Free For All is the quickest method to rack up a large number of kills for your Diamond Camo objectives. Because everyone is your adversary, you murder everyone you encounter.

This weapon skin may be obtain by achieving particular game objectives. It is presently the most difficult attainable weapon skin owing to its demanding objectives that need countless hours and effort to complete.

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