Call Of Duty Mobile Use the Scout Class Chip 3 Times in BR Matches Task Complete

Scout Class Chip Call Of Duty COD Mobile: Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Nightmare has included new halloween-themed modes, cosmetics, and daily, featured, and seasonal objectives.

While some goals are as easy as playing five battle royale matches, others, such as looting five airdrop goods in battle royale battles, may be slightly more difficult for players to complete.

Use class chips 10 times in battle royale battles is one such objective that leaves some players baffled. A Battle Royale (BR) class provides participants with a particular power that may be triggered at certain points throughout the game. COD Mobile has 11 BR classes, and the class chip task may be accomplished with any of them.

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Scout Class Chip Cod Mobile
Scout Class Chip Cod Mobile

observed improvements to the class structure in Call of Duty: Mobile, including professions that give passive skills that function alongside class abilities. These passive skills replaced the rewards that classes formerly provided. Furthermore, with Season 2 (2023), we received a completely new class, Ravager, who may deploy a sentry turret that can alter the course of the combat.

This modification has drastically altered the dynamic in the battle royale mode, making it more vital to select the best class and its corresponding profession if you want to win the BR. Especially with the addition of the new Shock Wave class in Season 4 Veiled Uprising.

How to Use the Class Chip in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale:

There is a Royale Specialist page under this season’s Seasonal event area, where players will discover the assignment to employ class chips 10 times in battle royale engagements. To complete this assignment, users must join a COD Mobile battle royale match. Once landed, you can equip any of the 11 BR classes.

On the map, look for places identified with light purple squares. On the map, these represent the Chip Class sites. Your chosen class ability has now turned neon purple. This is how you’ll know if the Chip Class is active.

Once activated, attempt to utilise it as many times as possible to finish the goal. The objective will be completed once you have completed this job ten times. As a consequence, you will receive the Scout – Shocking skin as well as five purple weapon XP cards, bringing you one step closer to the Royale Specialist prizes, which include the Peacekeeper MK2 – Voltaic Garden skin and Battle Pass XP.

How To Upgrade Battle Royale Classes In COD:

You may be wondering how to upgrade classes before we go into the class tier list. Every class in COD: Mobile has a normal and improved condition. When your class skill metre (a circle on the top right of your screen) is full, the normal state becomes available; once improved, it turns purple.

You’ll need to find a Class Driver to increase your class. These may be located at Upgrade Terminals, which are indicated on your map with a purple indicator. In COD: Mobile’s battle royale mode, there are 17 active classes, with one, Pumped, not yet accessible. We will now rate these base on their relative Strength. For the purpose of brevity, we’ll skip over the ranks. Instead focus on the skills and passives that come with the class.

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