League of Legends LOL Update 13.11 Patch Note – Scope Delayed

League of Legends LOL Patch 13.11: Despite being so close to release, it’s difficult to predict what Ivern’s mid-scope will be like.

The original set of alterations was not well accepted by longstanding Ivern players, therefore his upgrade was postponed so that they could make some tweaks. Ivern has one of the most distinctive kits in League of Legends, with his general idea of being in one with nature reflected in his requirement to befriend jungle camps rather than kill them.

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League of Legends Patch 13.11
League of Legends Patch 13.11

While he was supposed to be a jungle. Players have struggled to figure out where to place him. He is seen in some peripheral play as a top laner, and mid-laner. Support in both pro and casual play, but his total play rate of roughly 0.6% suggests he’s not a popular Option.

Riot attempt to make Ivern more effective as an Enchanter by boosting certain components of his kit and nerf others in his mid-scope update, however owing to widespread community outrage, Ivern has been postponing and his modifications will redo.

What is different about Ivern’s League of Legends rework?

In the jungle rather than as a support, and focuses considerably more on offering melee champions a method to climb on top of the enemy and dive than other champions in his role. However, owing to his jungle clearance mechanism of befriending champs, if he doesn’t have Smite up, he may easily rush out of the jungle and invade.

This, paired with his reliance on colleagues to do the majority of the damage for him, has unsurprisingly made him unpopular. He was confirm for a mid-scope in a Riot dev update a while back, but no other specifics were provided at the time.

Following the release of Neeko’s midscope upgrade, Ivern’s midscope was unexpectedly dump on the PBE with the entire set of modifications. Before Ivern’s midscope update was delay, this was the complete list of changes for 13.10.

Ivern’s proposed adjustments boosted him in a variety of ways, notably in terms of keeping backline targets alive and maneuvering around ADCs. However, he was nerf in a variety of ways, such as Daisy dealing less damage, his jungle clear being weaker, and Triggerseed dealing somewhat less damage in return for the second shield proc.

The Ivern Mid-Scope Update Will Be Available Later:

Riot’s recommended adjustments to Ivern’s kit did not go down well with his teammates. Neeko’s abilities were completely revamping, but Ivan’s were essentially nerf. which is why the devs are going to let Ivern stew on the PBE for a bit longer while they figure out how to fix the champion and his gameplay.

Some of the changes were well-receive, such as the knock-up when Daisy is summoning and the W on-hit damage changes, but the rest of the suggest changes felt more like nerfs for an already struggling champion, leaving players with little choice but to hope for better results than what they saw on the PBE.

LoL Patch 13.10 will include numerous item changes as well as champion updates for some ADC champions, but Ivern’s Mid-Scope will have to wait another two weeks, which is a good thing in this case because it will give the League of Legends development team more time to figure out how to properly balance the jungle champion and improve his gameplay.

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