Hitman 2 Update 1.18 Patch Note PS4 and PS5

Hitman 2 Update 1.18 Patch Note: Update 1.18 for Hitman 2 is now Available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Gamers.

The latest version features several bug fixes and gameplay adjustments. According to the official Hitman 2 1.18 patch notes. Furthermore, Hitman 2 version 1.18 provides modest stability enhancements. Expansion Pass holders may now download the new Smart Casual Pack from their platform shops.

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Hitman 2 Update 1.18 Patch Note
Hitman 2 Update 1.18 Patch Note

Previously, the July update included a new Sniper Assassin Map: Siberia (for expansion Pass users) and other improvements. Unfortunately, many players are still encountering a variety of troubles while attempting to play the game following the recent patch. A couple of these bugs are scheduled to be resolved in today’s Hitman 2 version 1.18.

Hitman 2 Update 1.18 Patch Notes:

All Sniper Rifles (when scoped) now include a visual indication that shows how long it will take Agent 47 to load another round into the chamber (or how long it will take before you can fire another shot). This will only be displayed for Sniper Rifles, although it will be viewable on both Sniper Assassin maps and campaign/sandbox missions.

A similar signal will be available to indicate the time required for a full reload. The ‘chamber load progression’ can be seen in the bottom right-hand third of the scope, as well as how many rounds are remaining in the magazine before you need to reload.

The ‘Sniper Assassin’ task is now available when you complete the relevant prerequisites and receive the SA rating, thanks to a change in Hitman 2 version 1.18. Even if a target notices 47 before sharing that knowledge, the SA rating is rewarded; nevertheless, this rationale was not used to the ‘Sniper Assassin’ tasks. This meant that while you could gain the SA rating, you couldn’t access the Sniper Assassin challenge.

As a follow-up to a modification made in April, Hitman 2 1.18 changed when the ‘Exit Mission’ prompt appears accessible. There will now be a 3-second wait after removing the final target before the ‘quit Mission’ prompt shows and players can quit.

Simplified the Tags:

We have streamlined the tags when examining things in the in-game inventory. Instead of a ‘Non-lethal melee’ AND a ‘Non-lethal throw’ tag, each item will now have a single ‘Non-lethal’ tag. The same is true for ‘Lethal’ products. We have deleted the ‘Detected During Frisk’ tag from your in-game inventory because it is no longer possible to be frisked with an unlawful item in your inventory.

Instead, for relevant goods, we will now display a ‘Not Detected During Frisk’ tag. This modification will make it easier to identify such things and will remove redundant tags from numerous illicit items. Changed it so that 47 may ‘push’ Athena Savalas right through the clock while she is leaning against it. Although the command states ‘push,’ you can expect Agent 47’s signature kick.

We can also confirm that if Savalas has a coin in her hand, she will not be able to recover in time to grasp it. Down the rabbit hole (literally). Hitman 2 version 1.18 addressed a community-reported issue in New York in which bodies could be seen through the one-way mirror if 47 were there.

Vault Lasers:

In Instinct, I made the laser beams in the New York bank vault more obvious and simpler to observe. While our community did not directly mention this issue, we did see a number of players enabling Instinct on live streams in the hopes of getting a better understanding of the vault’s security mechanism.

Hitman 2 1.18 addressed a number of small bugs, enhancing the stability, consistency, and pleasure of Siberia. This includes challenges being available, targets and NPCs pausing their routines, and game crashes.

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