Zelda Tears of The Kingdom How to Survive The Cold

Zelda Tears of The Kingdom How to Survive The Cold: Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom dumps you on Great Sky Island with absolutely nothing and compels you to explore thoroughly in order to advance.

You’ll come across one of the perilous weather conditions that might hurt our hero Link early on – cold. The freezing cold air will gradually deplete Link’s health until you’re out for good. There are two ways to shield oneself from the unrelenting cold, and we’ll go through both in the advice below.

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Zelda Tears of The Kingdom How to Survive The Cold
Zelda Tears of The Kingdom How to Survive The Cold

In Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll have to deal with two forms of bad weather. There is cold weather and hot weather, with excessive heat being the most deadly of the two. There are two kinds of protection temporary recipes and more permanent clothing pieces that will protect you as long as you wear the appropriate gear. On Great Sky Island, you may locate one of each.

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, how can you prepare warming food?

In Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the greatest method to deal with the cold is to cook warming meals. You’ll need some Spicy Peppers in your inventory, as well as some additional things to cook them with. Spicy Peppers may be harvested from plants across the frigid mountainous region where the Gutanbac Shrine is located, so forage whatever you see.

Then, use these peppers to make some warming meal for Link, which grants him a few minutes of Cold Resistance. He will receive harm on his trip to the third shrine in the cold mountains if he does not have this.

You can prepare meals at any of the cooking pots scattered across the area, or you can learn how to cook from the Cooking Construct immediately after visiting the Ukouh Shrine and gaining your first Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ability.

It’s marked in blue on your map, immediately to the left of the Temple of Time Alternatively, you may just go up to a cooking pot, choose the ingredients from your inventory, and then stand near to the edge of the pot until the “cook” interaction appears. Link will throw the items together, and you will emerge with a fresh, vitality-boosting meal.

Make fire to deal with the cold in Zelda:

If you run out of warm foods, you may also build a fire to keep warm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. Once you have some flint, wood, and a stone or metal weapon, place the flint and wood where you want to start the fire and hit both with your weapon. It’s a simple way to prevent cold weather harm if your warming meals run out, but it won’t replace those hearts.

Resolve this by deliberately placing your flames in areas where you’d otherwise be standing or roaming around aimlessly, such as when grabbing objects to attach with your Ultrahand or digging through your inventory for uncooked munchies.

Unfortunately, the cold-resistant Archaic Warm Greaves trousers are only available when you depart the first frigid zone. These trousers are the finest method to remain warm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

But you won’t be able to locate them until you’ve collected the last Light of Blessing and learned the Ascend ability from the Gutanbac Shrine. The greaves are a significant improvement over the Archaic Legwear you’ll have started with, though you’ll still be clinging to Link’s clothing in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom for quite some time.

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