Zelda Tears of Kingdom In-Isa Shrine Walkthrough

Zelda Tears of Kingdom In-Isa Shrine Walkthrough: A walkthrough for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s In-isa Shrine (TotK) Continue reading for a thorough walkthrough, and a list of prizes. The place of the In-isa Shrine and instructions on how to access each of the shrine’s secret lost treasures.

You’ll need a bow and a few arrows to solve certain puzzles, so carry them when you visit the shrine. Moreover, be on the lookout for trap doors and hidden switches, which can open up new spaces.

Zelda Tears of Kingdom In-Isa Shrine Walkthrough
Zelda Tears of Kingdom In-Isa Shrine Walkthrough

Zelda Tears of Kingdom In-Isa Shrine Walkthrough

In-isa Shrine Location

The southwestern corner of the Temple of Time

After you have been given the primary quest for The Locked Doorway. You may also discover the shrine at Great Sky the island to the southwest from a temple of Time. The following steps to follow is given below:

  • Take out the rusting sword: Grab the sword that is lying on the floor to get a Rusty Claymore. Some of you can remove a single weapon from your collection in order. Then pick and grab another one if you’re unable to use it anymore.
  • Combine the Boulder and the Rusty Claymore: Holding down the L Button and you’ll bring forth the ability screen. By clicking the A Button, choose Fuse. Click the Y Button to pair the Rusty Claymore alongside the Boulder Hammer when firing at the boulder.
  • Break down the deteriorated wall using the boulder hammer: To shatter the fractured wall, arm yourself with the Boulder Hammer & assault it.
  • Grab out your bow and arrow some Fire Fruits from the room’s right-hand side: To reach an area containing Fire Fruits, bows and arrows, and an Old Wood Bow, proceed through the hall to the side that is right.
  • Combine the Arrow with the Fire Fruit: Pull the arrow by pressing the ZR button, and to access the Materials choices, hold down the Up key while using the D-Pad. To combine the Fire Fruit alongside the arrow, press the correct thumbstick to choose it.
  • Fire the fused arrow during the overhead treasure container.
    A valuable box hangs in the hallway if you look up. To take the box of treasure down, shoot it using an arrow that has been mixed to a Fire Fruit. To get a Small Key, open it.

Other Steps for In-Isa Shrine Walkthrough

  • Obtain the initial secret chest: To get to the secret treasure box that has five Arrows, go back to the passageway and take out the northwest pillar.
  • On the green door, use the Small Key: Use the Small Key to unlock the green door by ascending the stairs to the north of the hallway.
  • Put an end to the Captain Construct: In order to fight the Soldier Construct, utilise fused weaponry. Burn the leaves with the Fire Fruit and Arrow you’ve combined to reduce the creature’s health before arrival.
  • Take down the damaged wall: To shatter the weakened wall, use a weapon made from a rock fused with it.
  • Look at the shrine: To get a Light of Blessing, climb the steps and look at the shrine.

Rewards and Chest Locations

  • One Light of Blessing: You receive one Light of Blessing for completing the In-isa Shrine. When you trade four of the above essential things at the god’s statue, you can increase your overall wellness or stamina.
  • Treasure 1: Arrow x5: To pull the valuables down, and smash the northwest wall in the corridor after destroying the fractured wall.

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