Valorant Patch 6.10 Release Date, New Rewards and More

Valorant Patch 6.10 Release Date, New Rewards and More: Valorant Patch 6.10 fans will have to wait a little longer for the game’s next substantial upgrade.

Valorant Patch 6.08 included significant improvements to the FPS game, including as the restoration of a completely remastered Bind and the removal of Icebox. However, those improvements were issued on April 25, and there hasn’t been much action in the game since.

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Valorant Patch 6.10 Release Date, New Rewards and More
Valorant Patch 6.10 Release Date, New Rewards and More

Rather, the Valorant Premier Beta has taken over the community. Enrolled teams play in weekly matches on pre-determined maps and dates to provide a competitive challenge above and beyond Ranked. As teams prepare for Week 3 of the Beta, casual gamers are asking when Patch 6.10 will be released for Valorant.

Valorant Patch 6.10 Release Date:

Valorant Patch 6.10 will be available on May 23. Riot Games claims that the upgrade will return Valorant to its “normal patch cadence.” Riot Games made the statement after revealing the actual nature of Patch 6.09.

Instead of gameplay enhancements or much-needed Agent modifications, today’s release is simply a “internal game engine update.” Any big changes will now have to wait a full month between Patch 6.08 and Patch 6.10. Meanwhile, players may watch the VCT Americas League Week 7 matchups this weekend.

VALORANT Run It Back 2023 weapon skins:

The fourth VALORANT Run It Back package is expected to arrive in the first half of 2023. If you’re not familiar with the Run It Back packages, they bring back VALORANT’s former weapon skins. If Riot Games officially unveils the new package, we’ll keep you updated here. Especially if they modify anything in comparison to the leak.

The previous three Run It Back packages were all about the same price. The leak, once again, does not corroborate the bundle. If it does arrive, use the previous bundle costs as a guide for this one. The first two required 5945 VALORANT points, while the third required 5950.

Riot Games releases a new patch for their first-person shooter every two weeks on average. Patch 6.08 was released on April 25, implying that 6.09 will most likely be released on May 9. 6.09, on the other hand, is an internal engine upgrade rather than a proper patch for VALORANT. The bundle was expected to include that update, but we may now have to wait until May 23 for patch 6.10. Any new information on the VALORANT Run It Back package for 2023 will be posted here.

There are 18 free rewards:

The Valorant Battlepass is divided into ten chapters, each with five tiers. In addition, there is an Epilogue with five layers of its own. The Battlepass works in such a manner that the five tiers in each chapter are included in the Premium edition. However, once you have accumulated enough XP to complete them, you will be granted the free chapter prizes.

Completing each chapter of the Battlepass unlocks one or two free gifts, such as a player card, a gun buddy, a sidearm skin, and other items. Furthermore, the awards in the Epilogue chapter are all free and are given to you once you grind the game for a long enough period of time.

This time around, you can get a Shorty skin, four player cards, four gun pals, two in-game sprays, three player titles, and 60 Radianite Points for free. While they may not appear to be much in comparison to the premium edition perks, this is still a decent value given you receive all of these cosmetics for free.

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