Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 First Features Revealed

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 First Features Revealed: Star Citizen is still in Alpha. It’s likely to stay that way for a long time – it’s been 10 years, in fact.

Star Citizen has been in production for more than ten years. The team behind it is still releasing new updates with quality of life. Improvements and wonderful content for the community to enjoy. Due to the integration of Persistent Entity Streaming and Server Meshing in patch 3.20. Players will be able to enjoy Star Citizen in a completely new way. Furthermore, new elements like salvaging and racing missions provide players with totally new gameplay cycles to explore alone or with teammates.

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Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 First Features Revealed
Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 First Features Revealed

PES and Server Meshing:

The essential technology that will set Star Citizen apart from previous games in this genre is persistent entity streaming and server meshing. Its principal role is to store and retrieve all objects left in the game by players. This has been a difficult feature to implement due of the enormous number of things in the game.

This is likely the most exciting update for Star Citizen in its entire development history, making it an excellent moment for new players to come in and explore everything this amazing sandbox has to offer. There are hundreds of items to keep track of and update in real-time with thousands of players in the verse at the same time.

Some of these items are still problematic due to the existing physics engine, but this initial version of PES and Server Meshing is a huge step in the right direction. These features will be upgraded and altered as the game nears completion, implying that it will only grow more polished as the game nears completion.

When examining all of the new features in 3.20, Salvage is likely the most significant gameplay loop addition. This experience will allow players to discover and scrap ancient ships (abandoned by both NPCs and other players) for resources. These resources can then be sold or utilized to repair their own ship.

The Aegis Reclaimer and the Drake Vulture are the only ships in 3.20 that may participate in the salvage gameplay cycle. Both provide a completely different salvaging experience, as one is a multi-crew vehicle with a big cargo hold to maximize earnings, and the other may be operated by a single person to participate in salvaging alone.

Daymar Crash Site:

The CIG Montreal team constructed and developed the new Daymar crash site entirely. This is a new team member that has proven to be extremely effective with the responsibilities assigned to them. This is an incredible-looking location with a wrecked Crusader MSR and a derelict Origin 600i.

These locales significantly enhance the immersion in the Star Citizen environment. This location will have multiple quests for players to accomplish that will take them deep into the wreckage. Due to the PES characteristics, anybody who explores this region more can discover other deceased players.

Unfortunately, this is the only area in the game of its sort (and to this extent), but it’s a terrific starting point for the development team to use as a template to create even more spectacular and immersive locales.

There are currently no gameplay loops or features connected with these regions, but they’re nonetheless fun to find when exploring the planets. The ability for players to exploit the environment to build their own races inside servers is certainly part of the appeal of Star Citizen’s sandbox and open-world freedom.

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