Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Event Phase 1 and Phase 2 Release Date Revealed

Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Event Phase 1 and Phase 2 Release Date Revealed: In addition to the two event-exclusive skins that have already been produced. The following skin will be dubbed Alucard “Obi-Wan Kenobi.” According to data miners. The Argus “Darth Vader” and Cyclops “Master Yoda” skins will both be available for a short period of time for gamers to purchase beside this new event-exclusive skin. The revival of the Mobile Legend x Star Wars partnership event has not yet been confirmed by Moonton. But in-game materials discovered in the game’s files indicate that it may happen soon.

There are now a number of different recent events for the Mobile Legends game itself that are really worth knowing about.

Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Event Phase
Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Event Phase

Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Event Details

A description of how many phases there are in the Mobile Legends game’s Dawning Star event can be found below. Of course. With this. You can discover more this time in the article. For more information, see the explanation below to allow you to learn more information later.

Some of the most recent upgrades can be seen in Mobile Legends within the game itself. The number of phases is there in the Dawning Star Mobile Legends (ML) event, similar to the following. Naturally. You can see this moment with that.

Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Player Rewards

As is commonly known. Mobile Legends has a lot of exciting event changes right now. You can learn more later about the release timetable for this event. Of course. In that case, you can view event updates.

Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Event Phase 2 Free Skins

In this way, those of you who want this skin can participate in the event later. For the exchange itself. You can trade the event skin fragments with the Event Shop and pay 1700 Fragments for one skin from the superhero series that you can obtain.

You can purchase the superhero skin series later at one event, particularly Dawning Star, where you can get the Bruno, Chou, Esmeralda, Lancelot, and Vale skins.

Release Date Mobile Legends Dawning Stars Event Phase 1 and 2

From April 24th, 2023, through May 3rd, 2023, players can now cast a vote to determine which superhero skin will be significantly discounted when the Dawning Stars event debuts. This voting is for the purpose of selecting the skin whose price will be reduced so that players may easily obtain the skin without having to spend a lot of in-game diamonds.

Players must log in to the game. Share the event on social media. And finish at least one Classic/Ranked/Brawl match in order to participate and cast a vote in this poll. After completing the objectives, players are given Super Valorous spirit. Which they may use to vote for a Superhero Skin that will be sold at a reduced price. Players can now be able to visit the Dawning Stars Event, which will go live from May 9 until June 7, 2023, to enter drawings for skins and other event-only rewards. This Dawning Stars event would include a 50% daily discount every day, just like earlier skin promotions. In addition, every ten draws will result in a permanent prize.

In addition to receiving all Superhero skins, players would also receive a special Dawning Stars Chat bubble. Compared to standard chat bubbles, this new one is quite elegant and special. From May 9 until April 13, 2023, those who want to draw for a much lower price can pre-register for the event.

Additionally, players would be able to achieve missions that require them to play a certain amount of matches on certain heroes who have Superhero skins. Trials of the ensuing superhero Elimination consequences will be their recompense. The dates for this event are May 9 through May 22, 2023.

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