How to Get New Heavy Cavalry Sword Chivalry 2

Heavy Cavalry Sword Chivalry 2: Lots of interesting new additions are included in Chivalry 2’s Raiding Party, such as a brand-new map, a battle pass of goodies, and the all-new, classy Heavy Cavalry Sword. This weapon’s tremendous reach and three different types make it ideal for use while riding a horse.

Heavy Cavalry Sword Chivalry 2

Only Knights and Footmen can use them with one hand Heavy Cavalry Sword. Three alternative designs are available: the Heavy Cavalry Sword, the Decorated Cavalry Sword, and the Weathered Cavalry Sword. Soldiers that need extended reach and accuracy while mounted have the ideal alternative to this. It makes up for its slowness with power and range.

Heavy Cavalry Sword Chivalry 2
Heavy Cavalry Sword Chivalry 2

The latest one-handed sword has an expansive reach and sluggish swings, making it suitable to serve as a Man-at-Arms Footman Soldier and Knight Guardian. It also has remarkable equestrian ability compared with different weapons, with slash attacks distinct from its slash strikes on foot. While performing a special assault on a horse, this kind of weapon may be in use from the front.

How to get Heavy Cavalry Sword in Chivalry 2?

After choosing Weapons from the Footman or Knight categories in the Armoury Modification option can one discover the Heavy Cavalry Sword. After choosing a Knight or Footman, click the Weapons button, then drop down to find the One-Handed options. The Heavy Cavalry Sword is located at the bottom of the order of weapons. If you’re carrying the necessary Sword Rank and enough Gold or Crowns, you are able to unlock it. The price will vary depending on the design; the most sophisticated type is going to cost more. The choices are as follows:

  1. The Weathered or rust cavalry sword is available if the player has the appropriate sword rank which is 5. The cost of the sword will be 1000 gold or 40 crowns. This serves as a prerequisite in order to use this weapon.
  2. The heavy cavalry sword is available having a sword rank of 15 that costs the players 2500 gold or 100 crowns.
  3. The most elite and the most expensive decorated cavalry sword has a requirement of rank 22. The price is 220 crowns or 7000 gold.

Continue playing and finishing tasks to gain Gold rapidly during the Raiding Party Campaign in case you are lacking sufficient to buy the sword or have the sufficient rank to buy it. As players play, players can progress to the most effective sword style.

About the Raiding Party Campaign Update

Further ‘Raiding Party’ content and a gameplay teaser have recently been made available for Torn Banner Studios’ well-liked mediaeval hack-and-slash follow-up Chivalry 2.

The latest version is currently accessible and can be downloaded for free to PS Plus subscribers. It has the brand-new Sacking of Bridgetown map, the Heavy Cavalry Sword, and a Cross-Play Parties Beta which allows players to matchmake on multiple devices.

The size of the conflicts in Chivalry 2 greatly enhances the grim mediaeval setting and adds to the game’s attractiveness. While multiplayer gaming is currently available, the opportunity to gather with friends in advance will undoubtedly foster a stronger sense of teamwork that strengthens immersion and collaboration.

Players will just require basic Invite Codes for starting the game. Also, as a consequence, battles will grow more tactical and fiercer in crossplay lobbies. The developers warning to players that the function is still in beta and already being improved in a recent PlayStation blog post, hoping to head off any negative feedback.

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