Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication Verification Card Location

Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication Verification Card Location: In Honkai: Star Rail, when exploring the Herta Space Station.

You’ll come across a closed door in the Base Zone area that requires some type of certification to access. When you interact with the controller. It will instruct you to complete the triple Authentication verification card before attempting to interact with it again.

The only issue is that there is no instruction on how to obtain the Card. Keep on reading to find out how to get the triple authentication verification card and open the locked door in Honkai Star Rail.

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Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication Verification Card Location
Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication Verification Card Location

Locked doors are prevalent in video games, and the triple authentication door at the Herta Space Station is one of them in Honkai: Star Rail. It is located within the Base Zone and will ask for the ‘triple authentication verification card’ to open but provides no information on what this is or how to obtain it.

Star Rail users are probably used to the grind of battling opponents, performing side quests, farming things like Honkai: Star Rail’s Stellar Jade, and talking to random NPCs all the time. Such gaming, however, is all that is required to obtain the triple authentication verification card, which may be obtained by combining three ‘access authentication cards.’ Each card contains secret supplementary content for the player.

Triple Authentication Verification Card Location:

The triple authentication door can be found in Honkai: Star Rail’s Base Zone sector of the Herta Space Station. To open it, you must collect three access authentication cards spread across the Herta Space Station and merge them into the triple authentication verification card.

Check out the sections below to find out where you can find each of the three cards and what you need to do to obtain them. The first key is a straightforward quest reward hide behind the Road to Revival side quest, which Arlan will notify you of before you board the Astral Express.

You will receive your first Access Authentic Card after defeating the ‘Blaze Out of Space’ opponent and before looting the chest. If you’re having trouble, consider levelling up or utilising a more powerful Honkai: Star Rail character. After talking to the NPC ‘Man with Afro’ five times, you will receive the second Access Authentication Card. And, sure, it is his true name.

The third Access Authentication Card is located in a remote area within the Storage Zone. Take the ‘Outside the Control Centre’ teleport and go into the chamber beyond, defeating opponents and activating bridges along the route. A luminous orange item drop should occur at the finish, just before the room with the chest. That brings us to the third Access Authentication Card.

How To Open The Triple Authentication Door:

The three Access Authentication Cards can be combine to form a single object that unlocks the door. The two void rangers within will assault you, but they should be easy to deal with because they are not on the same level as Honkai: Star Rail’s Doomsday Beast Boss.

After beating them, you will be reward with a chest holding an SR Light Cone for searching the Herta Space Station and discovering the three hidden away Access Cards. As the area is just another office, there are no hidden secrets or unusual objects, however it allows you to tick one more treasure box of any completions off your to-do list.

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