Fortnite Error Codes & How To Fix Them

Fortnite Error Codes & How To Fix Them: When playing an online game like Fortnite, you might expect some problems and bugs to start appearing on some occasions. As an act to counter them, the developer will often make an update. Some problems are permanently fixed, while others are still there.

The Fortnite error codes are aplenty, and fortunately, most of them have been fixed and can be fixed through simple solutions. Before trying the methods, we advise you to restart the game or the device completely to refresh anything.

Fortnite Error Codes


So, without further ado, let us start with the first one:

Fortnite Error Codes & How To Fix Them

Stuck at “Succesfully logged out”

Up until now, the problem is said to exist in some players. When they’re about to close the game, they will see this notification stuck on the screen.

The solution for this is waiting for the next update. Yes, the problem is considered a bug that might still happen.

Denial Reason Code 20

If you’re messing with the privacy settings, chances are you’ll likely see this error pops up on your screen. The message will come up when there’s an inconsistency in the privacy settings. To solve it, simply go to the Privacy Mode and set it to Public. Add your friends, and turn the Cross-Network Play to ON. And finally, hit the Fortnite Party Settings to Public.


A common one. This message will appear when the game is disconnected due to an internet problem. If you’re having this issue, simply close your game and check the internet connection.

bad_module_info has stopped working

This message might appear during the game session, and it’s somewhat annoying. To solve the problem, you’ll have to walk through the long list of solutions. But, the first thing you have to do is to run the game as admin. After that, verify the game cache, and update your drivers, including the Windows updates.


The problem is actually happening beneath the PS4 console itself, not the game. So, what you need to do is to check the console first by updating everything in there, and restarting.


It’s basically a corrupted download file. If the downloading process is interrupted in any kind of way, the file will likely be corrupted. So before you start re-downloading again, check your internet connection first and make sure that your PS4 is connected.

As an additional solution, you can also consider using a gaming VPN, which is slightly different from the basic VPNs. With it, you’ll likely have a better internet connection as the game plays using the nearest server. What’s unique about it is that you can also check VPN connection while gaming, and make sure that everything runs fine. However, please consider using only the reputable VPN service as they can provide much better features at a better price.


This error code will appear once the download size is too big to handle. So, in order to solve this problem, simply reduce the saved files.

Often shown when there’s an error in the internet connection. It can be caused by either your internet connection or the server.


An error message when the installation is halted. To solve this problem, you can open the platform as Admin, and try to download the game again.


The same error message with the same purpose, only the difference is that it’s on Epic Games Launcher. Besides checking the Epic Games Launcher, you can also check the proxy, firewalls, and even VPN if you have any.


The problem has now become more serious as this message will show when the player in unable to load their game, AKA a corrupted save file. The message itself will keep appearing and prevent you from accessing the game. The solution here is to reinstall the game completely.

IS-BV04 and IS-BV05

They mean that the build verification is failed. And according to the suggestion by Epic Games, the players have to verify their hard drives and do a memory test.

IS-DS01 and IS-DS02

The game is unable to be installed due to low storage memory. So, clean some things up before making another attempt.


The game is unable to be restarted because there’s an error in file creation. The players have to free up more storage to solve the problem. And then, they also have to install the game.

IS-FC05 and IS-FC06

Unable to install the game because of the errors in the hard drive and memory reading. So, verify them both to fix the problem.


The game can’t be updated. The solution is to restart the launcher and check for any updates.


This message will show if the player is unable to connect to the Fortnite launcher. The solution is to log out, then log into the launcher again.

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