How to Use a Grind Rail at Slappy Shores and Shattered Slabs

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These, which could be acquired at the Mega City POI, let players move throughout the area without touching the ground.

However, the most recent significant update (v24.30) adds more grind rails to the island. Epic Games encourages customers to try them out for themselves as a consequence.

How to Use a Grind Rail at Slappy Shores and Shattered Slabs

To make sure you have enough Slap Juice to pop before hurting other players, reroll your Reality Augments until you find Slap Surplus.

With the Augment, every chest you uncover will contain extra Slap Juices. Drink one of these when you have a stack of them before you see a team you want to push and cause some damage too.


The first step in finishing this challenge is getting to Slappy Shores. Place a marker there and use the Battle Bus to travel straight there.

Keep an eye out for Mudflaps to ensure a quick and safe journey. Later, it will be utilized. When you get in Slappy Shores, choose a weapon (if wanted) and proceed to a Grind Rail.

A popup on the screen will appear when you are sufficiently close to it and will invite you to interact with it. Press the key/button connected to this interaction mechanism to start grinding.


After a while of grinding, go to the Mudflap on the bridge or the one outside the Slap plant. Use it to rotate in the direction of the Shattered Slabs once you are inside.

To make rotation simpler, keep in mind to mark the POI on the map. A visible mark must be displayed on the screen in order to simplify a path.


Because of its small size, Grind Rails won’t require you to travel all the way to the core of Shattered Slabs. They are dispersed around the region.

When you see a Grind Rail, exit the Mudflap and interact with it again to use it. The task is now complete, and experience points will be granted.

More About A Grind Rail at Slappy Shores and Shattered Slabs

Then, go to the ice biome to experience a wind tunnel. The tunnels are located south of Brutal Bastion, between the steep rocks. Descend into the towering tunnel to complete the assignment.

The following are the three conditions for achieving this challenge: When you arrive at Slappy Shores, use a Grind Rail, then rotate to Shattered Slabs and use the Grind Rails at the POI. This is how you should approach the project.

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