How to Travel Distance in Win Tunnels

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How to Travel Distance in Win Tunnels
How to Travel Distance in Win Tunnels

Even though the majority of players aren’t aware of them, they may be used to travel long distances in order to rotate out of danger or sprint for the Safe Zone. Most seasoned sportsmen utilise them to prevent opponents from escaping or to gain an advantage over their competitors.

How to Travel Distance in Win Tunnels

Traveled Distance in Win Tunnels As a result, in week nine of the “This Season” Challenge, you must complete a 250-meter wind tunnel tour. If the job is completed, 12,000 experience points will be granted.

To achieve this challenge, players must complete three objectives: Land in Windrush Ravine or Gusty Gorge, get some basic loot, and then enter the wind tunnel to go 250 meters. Given that, this is how you ought to approach this task.


To begin completing this challenge, land at either Windrush Ravine or Gusty Gorge. The former lies to the south of Brutal Bastion, while the latter is to the east of Frenzy Fields. These are Landmarks, so you’ll have to perform some manual research to find them.

It is advised that you complete the “Syndicate” Challenge for week seven, Pass Through Calibration Rings to Gather Data, as part of the Syndicate Questline to make this job simpler.


Before entering the wind tunnels, it’s always a good idea to grab basic supplies and ensure both of which hit points and shielding points are at their maximum. Wind tunnels can be unpredictable, making it difficult to predict the outcome. Being ready for the worst-case scenario is preferable.


When you are ready, look for a strong wind gust that is moving in one direction. You will be forced into the wind tunnel if you walk or jump into this gust of wind. Flying into obstacles can cause you to lose speed and, in severe cases, even force you out of the wind tunnel.

It should be sufficient to pass through either wind tunnel once as 250 metres must be covered.

More About Travel Distance in Win Tunnels

Chapter 4, Season 2 Map’s winter biome, which is indicated in the image above. Has two of the smaller wind tunnels. These tunnels may be recognized from a distance by the orange and white flag in the second image, which frequently blows in the direction of the wind tunnel. Simply go in its direction, and the wind will take you away.

Because the task asks you to go 250 meters through the tunnel. You may need to pass through them more than once. Even so, if you aren’t faced with opposing player interference. You should be able to fulfill this objective in a single game. Due to the isolated surroundings of the wind tunnels, the presence of other players should not be a significant issue.

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