How to Open a Two-Lock Chest Fortnite

How to Open a Two-Lock Chest Fortnite: While the notion of utilising Keys to unlock chests in Fortnite has been around for a while, two-lock chests are a newer addition.

They were newly add to the game and include extremely strong stuff such as Heisted weaponry. These were introduced during the Most Wanted mini-event last season and can only be earned from two-lock chests. That being stated, during week nine of the “This Season” Challenge, you must unlock a two-lock chest.

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How to Open a Two-Lock Chest Fortnite
How to Open a Two-Lock Chest Fortnite

24,000 experience points will be provided upon completion of the mission. Telephone booths (as shown in the image at the top of this piece) may be found as you explore the map. If you approach one of these booths and interact with it, you will be disguised as a henchman.

You may go through turrets and cameras without being detect, and your fellow henchman will not see you. You can even unlock special ID doors and chests when disguised. Simply go up to the scanner and press the use button to scan your character.

Locate a Holo-Chest site on the island with a two-lock chest:

After obtaining two keys, the next stage is to discover a two-lock chest. These will frequently appear alongside other high-tier loot-containing Holo Chests. The main issue is that it’s impossible to predict which Holo-Chest spawn spot will contain a two-lock chest. You will have to manually discover one on the island because they rotate in every battle. This might take a while.

The less elegant, but nonetheless practical, method of opening an ID-locked door or chest is to knock out a guard and drag them to the scanner. Try to find a henchman and listen in on their grumbles as you go around the neighbourhood.

When you discover one, fire it until it is crawling on the ground. Pick up the guard and transport them to the ID lock that has to be open. The popup will now request that you scan the henchman. To scan them, press the use key, and the lock will unlock.

Obtain Keys:

You can find them by opening chests or purchasing them from an NPC named CRZ-8. Both of these options are possible, however purchasing the Keys directly will save you a significant amount of time and work. The NPC, on the other hand, may be located at the Bamboo Circle (Duelling Circle) Landmark.

It is located to the north of Mega City. The Keymaster Reality Augment is an alternate method for obtaining two Keys at once. However, because Reality Augments are unpredictable, there is no assurance that it will materialise throughout the course of a battle.

When you find a two-lock chest, use two Keys to open it. Each key must be manually insert one at a time. The task will be accomplish after the two-lock chest is unlock. Given the difficulty of the challenge, it may take more than one effort to complete it. Nonetheless, because challenges remain until the end of the season, there is still plenty of time.

Which two-lock chest should you open?

Because Heisted (Exotic) weapons are extremely rare, unlocking two-lock chests containing such weapons is usually the best choice. The Hesisted Run ‘N’ Gun SMG and Blink Mag SMG are the greatest alternatives for general combat use. While the Hesite Explosive Assault Rifle is also a viable option, the explosion radius of each shot may be easily avoide by employing the dash ability of a Kinetic Blade or double-jumping while holding a Lightsaber.

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