How to Damage Enemy Player While Under The Effects of Slap (500) Fortnite

How to Damage Enemy Player While Under The Effects of Slap (500) Fortnite: Slap Juice first appeared in Fortnite during Chapter 4 Season 1.

It is manufactured in the Slap factory, which is located within the Slappy Shores POI, and then dispersed around the island. When ingested, this item grants players boundless stamina for a short period of time, allowing them to Sprint without pausing.

This also provides a significant battle edge. That being said, as part of the “This Season” Challenge, you must inflict 500 damage on opponent players while under the affects of Slap in week nine. After completing the work, you will be rewarded with 12,000 experience points for a job well done.

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Damage Enemy Player While Under The Effects of Slap (500)
Damage Enemy Player While Under The Effects of Slap (500)

The Most Wanted event in Fortnite is officially live, bringing with it a slew of goodies to collect on your route to a free skin. Of course it won’t be easy you have to complete a series of tasks over the following two weeks to get it all.

The Most Wanted event has a plethora of limit of time cosmetics to obtain. But you’ll need to raise your Infamy to access them all. Infamy is gaine by completing Most Wanted missions (detailed below), and you must complete all of the tasks.

In Fortnite, how do you deal damage to other players when under the influence of Slap?

Players must accomplish three tasks in order to complete this challenge: Obtain Slap Juice or Berries, drink the item before entering in fight, and then strike or eliminate the opponent to do damage. That being said, here’s how to get start. The Slap factory in Slappy Shores is the finest place to get Slap Juice.

By landing here, you can kill two birds with one stone, since another challenge will need you to try out the Grind Rails at this POI. Having stated that, you can either swallow a bottle of Slap Juice or shatter a Slap canister to acquire the benefits of Slap. However, if there are no opponents in the region.

Consume the item before engaging an opponent in battle:

Before launching an attack, inspect the terrain and acquire a lay of the land when you’ve found an opponent. Consume the Slap Juice just before attacking and do damage with a mid-range or long-range weapon. If you enjoy going close to the action, a Lightsaber or Kinetic Blade can be use. Use one of them to quickly close the gap and inflict damage on the damage.

Keep in mind that the purpose is to cause harm rather than to complete annihilate the opponent. If the opponent is too formidable to take on in a continuous combat. There’s no harm in retreating and fighting later in the Game. Finally, remember that the Slap effect only lasts 15 seconds after eating Slap Juice. Plan your full assault inside this interval, or bring a stack of Slap Juice with you to restart the Slap effect.

However, the challenge should be achieve by removing two to three players or engaging three to four players throughout the course of the battle. There’s no need to strive to finish this challenge in a single match because it will be valid until the conclusion of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. There is enough time to do it in stages.

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