Fall 5 Stories or More Without Taking Damage Fortnite

Fall 5 Stories or More Without Taking Damage Fortnite: The latest Fortnite weekly challenge requires players to withstand a 5-story fall without taking any damage.

While there are other options, this is the quickest approach to finish this task. Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 4 is coming to an end, and Season 3 will begin soon. As the season comes to a close, users are working long hours to complete their Battle Passes by accomplishing goals and unlocking cosmetics with Battle Stars.

Fall damage has always been a problem in Fortnite. While other Battle Royale games, such as Apex Legends, have abolished the idea of fall damage, it remains a key component in the metaverse. While it may be utilised to gain an edge in combat when employing particular equipment or battling on high ground, it can also be used against the player. Fortunately, there are techniques to reduce or eliminate fall damage in-game.

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Fall 5 Stories or More Without Taking Damage
Fall 5 Stories or More Without Taking Damage

That being stated, during week nine of the “This Season” Challenge, you must fall 5 storeys or more without receiving fall damage. After completing the mission, 12,000 Experience points will be awarded. While this task may appear to be tough it is actually rather simple. Epic Games often adds new tasks and events to the game, enhancing players’ opportunity to gain XP and level up. Weekly Quests are the most reliable method to swiftly level up and earn a lot of XP towards your Battle Pass.

In Fortnite, how do you fall five stories without taking damage?

The most basic way to complete the challenge is to jump from a big height, at least five floors high, utilising a Grind Rail or Air Vents. If you want to complete this weekly objective quickly, you should go to Mega City. However, in Shattered Slabs, you can employ the quick mobility afforded by the Zipline, Ascender, or launching yourself while standing on a Kinetic Ore to help you avoid falling damage from five storeys up.

The mission may be complete fast and easily at any of these locations throughout the game. Another approach that will make the task much easier to accomplish is to use any of the following items that shield against fall damage, Force Use a Lightsaber to jump, fall off while releasing the ODM Gear, or use the Kinetic Blade Dash Attack to free fall on the earth.

If you are in a location where there are no available options to save oneself from falling, you can use any of the aforementioned objects. To complete this weekly Fortnite mission, simply carry any of them in your inventory and leap from high ground.

Dashing into the air using a Kinetic Blade:

One of the safest methods to finish this task is to dash vertically into the air with a Kinetic Blade. You can even dash off the edge of a hill or from the top of a structure. In any case, considering how far you can run on a single charge, reaching a distance of five storeys or more will be simple.

Once in the air, don’t worry about absorbing fall damage since the Kinetic Blade will protect you. Air Vents, in addition to Grind Rails seen in Mega City, may be utilise to fall five floors or more without suffering damage. To be catapulte into the air, walk upon the Air Vent situated above structures. Because the Air Vent has an effect.

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