Tower of Fantasy Innars Series Week 6 – Patch 2.5

Tower of Fantasy Innars Series Week 6 – Patch 2.5: It’s time to go explore Tower of Fantasy’s newest region, released with the Under the Grand Sea upgrade, version 2.5.

This major update adds a new simulacrum, Lan, to the tale, and includes the first underwater region with plenty to explore. There’s more to do now if you’ve previously explored all of the accessible terrain, played all of the minigames, and assembled your strongest squad.

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Tower of Fantasy Innars Series Week 6 - Patch 2.5
Tower of Fantasy Innars Series Week 6 – Patch 2.5

Going underwater necessitates changes to the environment as you explore, whether it’s avoiding electric eels, surviving sharks, or learning how to use the new Dive mechanic. Innars, a highly advanced and futuristic metropolis, will serve as your hub for this segment. There will be a number of new challenges to discover when you swim around in the new sections, which could lead to rewards such as black crystals.

Dragon Breath volcano:

The new environment, like previous versions, is colourful and large in scale, but there’s more going on, including, of course, danger (aside from those sharks). One of these threats is the undersea lava you’ll encounter in the depths. There’s also the Dragon Breath volcano, which houses one of the two new world bosses.

Tower of Fantasy is celebrating the introduction of this major update with Twitch Drops and events from tonight through may 9th. To get you start, there’s also an official guide to 2.5 exploration.

The team is also addressing certain issues raised by comments that it is too difficult to keep up. To begin, they’ve announced some balance changes to help optimise the experience. Tower of Fantasy has evolved significantly since its initial release.

The rapid pace of updates has been done to catch up to this point. But things will be slowed down a bit in the future to give users more time to play through each update. With the release of version 2.5, the worldwide version will lag behind the Chinese edition by two major updates (versions).

Tower of Fantasy Best intentions:

Tower of Fantasy lacks a personality. Despite the best efforts, the character builder is cramme with people offering you the chance to play as 2B. A Hololive idol, or someone else from Genshin Impact. Even the game’s own defaults appear somewhat Genshin-ish. Tower of Fantasy is set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Which, after meeting the cast of stock anime characters, made me wish it had skipped the ‘post’ word entirely. The shrill and dismal attempts at nailing just about every Western dubb anime stereotype you can think of are make up by a terrible cast of Western voice actors. It’s not even done well, since it tries to get to the plot far too quickly.

Switching between Japanese, Chinese, and Korean voice acting helps to compensate for this. The Chinese voice acting is the best of the three, as it was in Genshin Impact. It also doesn’t help that the image and the gacha banner both reveal a major story detail. When the said character has their time, there is no tension outside of the little moment.

I was hoping that the game would boost the ante by executing an anime female in the first 30 to 40 minutes of the game. Instead, it takes the safe road, leaving you to traverse a slew of in-game jargon and a plethora of explanations. Fortunately, part of it isn’t voice.

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