How to Get Guardian Report Destiny 2

Guardian Report Destiny 2: The Guardian Games is one of Destiny 2’s four primary events, and it, like the other activities in the game, has a brand new mark linked with it.

Players that successfully collect this seal as well as the seals from the game’s other three events will be able to unlock the Reveller title. Seals are a fantastic way to display game achievements in Destiny 2.

While most seals are significantly more difficult to earn, event-based seals such as the Champ seal are relatively easier to obtain due to the short time span. Having said that, here’s how players can easily obtain the Champ seal.

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Guardian Report Destiny 2
Guardian Report Destiny 2

Guardian Games is an event for all Destiny 2 players to celebrate their favourite class while competing to find which class is the best. The victorious team will receive bragging rights as well as a memorial statue that will be displayed at the Tower for the duration of the year.

Players will participate in a number of class-based events to determine which class is the greatest during Guardian Games. Players engaging in Guardian Games should concentrate on either reaching a score threshold through the Guardian Games playlist or banking Medallions at the Tower Podium.

How to Quickly Get the Champ Seal in Destiny 2 Guardian Games:

The Champ seal or Guardian Games in Destiny 2 features a series of accomplishments, just like the other seals in the game. You must fulfil them in order to activate this seal. Get 1500 last punches from Strand. Assisting teammates counts towards this objective as well. It’s in the Cards Regular and Platinum Contender Cards must be completed.

Excellent Games 800 targets must be defeated in the Guardian Games playlist or Supremacy game mode. Are you up for the challenge? Finish the Nightfall operations in the Guardian Games playlist. Elegant Arsenal With The Title or Taraxppos, defeat 200 targets. Class Honour Using team-based matching. Complete Supremacy or Guardian Games playlist activities with colleagues of the same class.

However, before you begin completing these tasks. You must first obtain the Guardian Games class item from Eva Levante at the Tower. Without it, your development will be meaningless. You won’t be able to see most of the triumphs on the event card until you’ve finished the introductory questline for Guardian Games in Destiny 2.

Surprisingly, you can achieve two or more victories in a single action. Pull Some Strings, Classy Arsenal, and Talented Scout, for example. Can all be achieved in one go utilising the new Strand Scout Rifle Taraxippos. While working on these victories in Destiny 2 Guardian Games, you’ll also earn some medallions.

Weekly Ceremony Event:

The event will take place at the Tower every Friday. The winner of each week’s Ceremony event will be determine by the points gain by each class during the week. Players will earn awards as well as a Laurel Crown glow that will last until the next Ceremony event or until the Guardian Games expire.

Additionally, after the Ceremony event, players’ class equipment will change colours to reflect their current standing, which will be gold, silver, or bronze. Medallions can be earn by complete Contender or Platinum Cards (which can be purchase with Glimmer in the Tower from Eva) or ritual tasks while wearing your class item.

Completing any of the Platinum Cards earns you a Platinum Medallion, whilst completing the Vanguard Playlist, Crucible, Gambit. Seasonal Content, or Neomuna Contender Cards earns you a Gold Medallion. Players should put their Medallions at the Tower podium to gain event rewards and contribute to their class standing!

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