How to unlock Darth Maul in Fortnite x Star Wars

How to unlock Darth Maul in Fortnite x Star Wars: The Star Wars franchise and Fortnite have partnered once more to create a brand-new Star Wars Battle Pass in honour of May the 4th. Often known as Star Wars Day.

How to unlock Darth Maul in Fortnite x Star Wars
How to unlock Darth Maul in Fortnite x Star Wars

The continuing Battle Pass’s Find the Force missions are aimed at luring players into the complex battle royale universe.

With iconic Star Wars figures showing up as skins, weaponry, and time-limited events in Fortnite. This Star Wars X Fortnite collaboration has previously proven successful. This time. Players must finish “Find the Force quests” to get access to unique prizes. Including the free Clone Trooper skin and four Star Wars skins. Including Darth Maul. fFor those who buy the additional reward track.

Unlocked Darth Maul in Fortnite x Star Wars:

The continuing Battle Pass’s “The Find the Force quests” are designed to entice players to explore the complex battle royale area and gain Galactic Reputation. Up until May 23. These tasks will be gradually introduced to the game. Giving players plenty of time to finish them and earn the rewards. Players will need to work together to battle the infamous adversary Darth Vader from a galaxy far. Far away in order to complete the goal in the last quest of the Fall of the Republic.

iFireMonkey, a Twitter leaker. Claims that the event will feature brand-new Lightsabers and Force abilities (perhaps a force metre like in the Star Wars Jedi trilogy). But for yet. The emphasis has been on the costumes.

Unlocking Darth Maul in Fortnite x Star Wars Players List:

The tweet stated that the 501st Troopers would be joined by the Darth Vader Boss NPC when it makes a comeback on May 13.
Epic Games took a lot of effort to make this crossover event greater than previous ones. And it appears to be succeeding. Special skills and a themed Battle Pass were added. Beyond the fans’ reasonable expectations. Much to their delight.

However. Many viewers thought that Darth Vader deserved a more difficult opponent because the previous event’s duel against the Sith Lord was so disappointing. Gamers are expecting for a more thrilling encounter this time around. But it remains to be seen whether the creators have addressed this concern.

Free Rewards Darth Maul in Fortnite x Star Wars:

It would still be more fulfilling if Darth Vader’s fight was more difficult. Even though it appears that players are simply required to help defeat him by striking him with any weapons a few times rather than actually killing him.
The usage of Find the Force tasks to gain prizes is one of the collaboration’s intriguing features. Instead of depending just on in-game purchases. This strategy pushes players to travel the Fortnite universe and do quests to get Galactic Reputation.

The Find the Force quest is a welcome change that raises the level of excitement surrounding the event.

New Themes Added Darth Maul in Fortnite:

All of this awesome new Star Wars-themed material includes brand-new tasks that must be finished in order to unlock a variety of special cosmetics from a galaxy far, far away. Use this helpful guide to get ready for the Find the Force tasks that will be added to the game every few days. These quests will earn you the Galactic Reputation (GR) needed to access these items.

Tips and tricks Fortnite x Star Wars Darth Maul:

Keep in mind that you must first purchase the premium event pass for 1,000 V-Bucks ($8) in order to unlock Darth Maul, and then accumulate a total of 11,000 GR during the event. Three other Star Wars skins that each depict a different type of Clone Trooper will also become available to you along the road.

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