Honkai Star Rail Self-Modeling Resin How to Use

Honkai Star Rail Self-Modeling Resin How to Use: Artefact in Genshin Impact is equivalent to Relic in Honkai: Star Rail.

This item is one of the most important to obtain, but it is also one of the most difficult to obtain due to its reliance on RNG. There are certain Relic EXP resources in HSR, same like in Genshin Impact. However, unlike the predecessor, where Artefact EXP was only obtained through special means such as events or the Tubby shop.

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Honkai Star Rail Self-Modeling Resin How to Use
Honkai Star Rail Self-Modeling Resin How to Use

Players in Honkai: Star Rail can obtain Relic EXP by salvaging them. Instead of receiving money for removing Relics, the salvage Relic system in Honkai: Star Rail would recycle the damaged item into Relic EXP, allowing players to get levelling experience. Furthermore, salvaging Relic in Honkai: Star Rail allows players to eventually create a custom.

Honkai: Star Rail has relics where Genshin Impact has artefacts. Relics are special materials that players can equip on their characters to increase their stats. Relics belong to specific sets and unleash special effects when two or four pieces are equipped, with rarities ranging from 2 to 5 stars. To make characters stronger, each relic has a primary stat and 2/4 sub-stats.

There are two types of relics in Honkai: Star Rail. Cavern Relics are sets of four clothing items that include the Head, Hands, Body, and Feet. Wearing two or four pieces of a Cavern Relic set grants access to the set’s special bonuses, with four-piece sets granting access to both effects. Planar Ornaments are rare sets of two relics that include the Planar Sphere.

Honkai Star Rail Self-Modeling Resin:

Cavern Relics and Planar Ornaments are obtained from various dungeons in Honkai: Star Rail. Cavern Relics are obtained by fighting through a Corrosion Cavern. Different Caverns have varying rarities of relics. To guarantee 4-Star and 5-Star relics, players must reach higher levels in each Cavern. Caverns of Corrosion become available throughout the main plot on Jarilo-VI.

Meanwhile, Planar Ornaments come from the Simulated Universe, which may be access in Herta’s Office on the Herta Space Station, and appear in World 3 and beyond. This dungeon is rogue-like and full of chests and other mysteries to uncover, which distinguishes it from Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss and its linear experience. Characters are paire with the appropriate Planar Ornaments and Cavern Relics.

All of the metrics describe above, as well as flat DEF, Effect Hit Rate%, and Effect RES%, are randomly generate sub-stats on all relics. The RNG nature of relics is intend to stimulate daily play, which can be unpleasant, however Honkai: Star Rail has a partial remedy.

As Volkin explains in this YouTube video, Self-Modeling Resin allows users to select the main stat for a relic they create from ten discarded relics. While sub-stats remain random, this crafting system increases the likelihood of obtaining a relic with the ideal stat set.

How To Make Custom Relic In Honkai Star Rail:

In the meantime, a 5-star Relic will grant 10 Relic Remains. Relic Remains play a more important function than the other three items utilised for Relic levelling. Players will have access to a new function in their Omni Synthesiser after reaching Equilibrium Level 3 (level 40+). This feature lets users to create their own Relic.

Players can choose any piece of any Relic set by using 100 Relic Remains, albeit the primary stat and sub-stat of the Relic will remain random. However, if players obtain a limited item known as Self-Modeling Resin, they will be able to customise the Relic’s main stat as well, significantly reducing the hassle of farming Relics.

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