Star Wars Jedi Survivor It’s A Trap Trophy Guide

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor It's A Trap Trophy Guide
Star Wars Jedi Survivor It’s A Trap Trophy Guide

The Guide to the Survivor Trophy! Five years after the events of Fallen Order, in the television series Survivor, Jedi Cal Kestis fights to stay one step ahead of the Galactic Empire as it ruthlessly works to eliminate any Order 66 survivors. The game expands on Fallen Order’s core gameplay mechanics by including new components like quick travel and a wide range of customizing options. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a semi-open-world game where you’ll spend around half of your time reading the story and the other half exploring. To obtain the Platinum, you must first finish the story, interact with each distinct NPC you meet, and then use the BD-1 to scan each fresh variety of foe.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor It’s A Trap Trophy Guide

This is covered in great depth in Step 1. After the story is finished, you can go back and tidy up all the game’s collectibles, especially those in the Jedi Chambers and the Force Tears. More information on this is provided in Step 2.

It is simple to get a range of awards relating to battle and unrelated to the storyline by adhering to the plot. In actuality, you may always resume sections at Meditation Points if you want opponents for trophy purposes.

The only award that could be forgotten is the bronze version of “You’ve Got a Friend,” which requires using each companion’s special attack 10 times during the fight.

Since you can liberate the galaxy once the plot has been resolved, you might be able to earn the Platinum Trophy after just one game. Now that every section of the game is accessible.

You may look for things and finish any outstanding missions. You’ve Got a Friend, one of the game’s Missable Trophies, must be your main objective. You must engage in combat with each of your two partners ten times to complete this task.

After the story, Merrin is reachable, but Bode is not. Use his support as much as you can while he is with you. Otherwise, take it easy and enjoy yourself before concentrating on the Trophies.

The only Missable Trophy in the game is You’ve Got a Friend. You are tasked with doing this ten times for each of your fighting companions. Throughout the quest, Bode and Merrin will stick by your side, but once it is over, only Merrin will be helpful.

Therefore, whenever Bode is nearby, use his combat assistance as much as you can. If not, you will need to begin a New Game+ playthrough and fulfill the requirements there.

Jedi Survivor It’s A Trap Trophy

Play the narrative through. Don’t bother looking at the planets at this phase. Gather what you can, but stay as close to the story’s course as possible.

This is due to the fact that entrance to some regions requires later-accessible story-specific skills. Throughout the story, there are a few things to improve.

You need to instantly unlock the Map Upgrades after finishing the tale to enable access to the map’s collectible places. On Jedha and Koboh, four collectible maps can be found in various places.

The planet maps will fill with almost every kind of item when you find them. While some collectibles, like the Priority Shards and Data Discs, are necessary to obtain the Platinum trophy, not all of them are.

There are no Trophies in the game that are tie to difficulty. On the easiest difficulty setting, you can still win every prize.

Every trophy in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is list here along with instructions on how to obtain it. You will receive the Platinum Trophy and 100% completion if you finish this.

By completing the other 53 Trophies in the game’s Trophy list, you can immediately get the Platinum Trophy.

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