Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cobra Cal Trophy Guide

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cobra Cal Trophy Guide: In this Star Wars Jedi: Survivor walkthrough, we’ll show you how to collect every trophy and the Cobra Cal Trophy. If you have any queries about if you have any Missable Trophies or Difficulty Related Trophies, consult our Trophy Roadmap.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cobra Cal Trophy Guide
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cobra Cal Trophy Guide

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cobra Cal Trophy Guide

Bronze: Put on a headband and practise using the weapons you have.

For seven Priority Shards, the headband is available for purchasing at Doma’s Shop. Once you equip in the stop menu, head to Jedha and attack the instruction dummy stormtrooper there with your lightsaber.

Award Roadmap

Since you can liberate the galaxy after finishing the story, you can earn the Platinum Trophy in just one run of the game. Every location in the game is accessible again so that you may look for collectibles and finish any tasks you have left to undertake. However, You’ve Got a Friend, one of the the match’s Missable Trophies, must be your primary focus.

This needs each of the two buddies you receive to help you out in battle ten times. After the narrative, Merrin is accessible, but bode is not. When he is with you, take care to utilise his assists as frequently as you can. If not, unwind and savour the journey before concentrating on the Trophies.

Missable Trophies

The only trophy that may be missed in the whole game is You Have Got a Friend. You are working and helping your allies in battle for ten times each in this. Bode and Merrin are going to remain on your side the entire time, though only Merrin is going to be useful once the adventure is through. Therefore, whenever bode is by your side, you can make use of his battle assistance as often as you can. If not, you must begin a New Game+ session and complete the criteria there.

Some Other Trophies Guide: Star Wars Jedi Survivor


Bronze: Acquire all of Doma’s goods.

To be able to purchase anything at Doma’s Shop, you must amass all 100 Priorite Shards in the game. Get the ones Priorite Shards labelled on your location map so that it will be simpler for you to do this. After finishing the tale, proceed to Jedha’s Arid Flats. You must solve the riddles on the Road of Conviction, Path of Persistence, and Path of Healing in this location. By doing this, the chamber within Wayfinder’s Tomb is opened, and when you engage with the display inside, all Treasures are marked on the map you are using. To obtain the Trophy, gather every Priorite Shard and then use it in Doma’s Shop.


Win every game of holotactics: Silver.

Finish the Rumour titled “Locate the Odd Pair” to make holotactics a competitive game. Upon completion, Bhima and Tulli are hired at Pyloon’s Saloon. They’re going to put up shop in a little nook so you can engage in holotactics on the next floor.

It’s a small game in which you throw adversaries alongside one another in order to find out who comes out on top, and by finishing All Enemy Scan Locations in the Tactical Guide, you’ll have the ability to use additional characters. The more resources you have available, the better. Then, in order to engage them in combat, you must enlist Turgle, Greez, Merrin, Caij, Tulakt, Tulli, Skoova, and T-1N8. To obtain the Trophy, defeat all.

Growth Spurt

Find enough room for a complete garden.

You must first enlist Pili Walde in order to earn this Trophy. Be careful to speak with her once you come across her on Jedha because the primary plot route will pass you straight by her. Then there is a garden atop Pyloon’s Saloon. You must now cultivate 10 distinct flower seeds from 10 separate pods of seeds. You’ll then be able to access the Trophy.

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