Honkai Star Rail Achivement Green Thumb Hertareum X20 and Praise of High Morals X2

Honkai Star Rail Achivement Green Thumb Hertareum X20 and Praise of High Morals X2: Honkai Star Rail is a complete role-playing game with loads of minor surprises, secrets, and, of course, choices to be made.

How you choose to engage with the NPCs and the setting that the game presents to you is entirely up to you. You can be cordial or little antagonistic, always direct and serious, or a bit of a jokester. For instance, you can come upon a mailbox that has a letter jammed within the lid.

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Honkai Star Rail Achivement Green Thumb Hertareum X20 and Praise of High Morals X2
Honkai Star Rail Achivement Green Thumb Hertareum X20 and Praise of High Morals X2

Do you feel cheeky and throw the envelope to the ground or do you want to be polite and push it into the mailbox? Honkai: Star Rail will reward you with the intriguing item, the Praise of High, if you decide to be kind.

This raises the age-old query. What is the benefit of living well? Just the knowledge that you helped others and performed good deeds? While that undoubtedly plays a role, Honkai: Star Rail also has a fun and materialistic way to thank you for being a good person.

How to use Honkai Star Rail’s Praise of High Morals:

Sometimes doing the right thing pays off. You might come across interactions while exploring Honkai: Star Rail’s universe that require Praise of High Morals to “pay” for them.

As the Last Bastion of Humanity, Belobog offers one such chance. Get close to the fountain’s water feature by teleporting to the Space Anchor nearby. When you first interact with it, select “Fish the treasure out of the fountain.”

Then, the game will offer you the chance to draw a surprise item from the wishing well in exchange for one Praise of High Morals. We’ve discovered food and random ascension materials in this manner.

But it’s possible to pull something special or more precious from the fountain. You will receive two achievements as a result of doing this, one of which is titled Karmic Wheel and says, “Find a way to use up Praise of High Morals.” The second one concerns the fountain.

How to obtain Honkai Star Rail Praise of High Morals:

By performing nice deeds throughout your voyage across space, you can acquire Praise of High Morals. These actions can range from hiding in a closet to leaving a positive hotel review. You can interact with everything and anything if it has a golden cross on it, which will let you know if you can.

The tough aspect is that during your conversations, you’ll frequently have to make a few decisions, and if you make the wrong one, you’ll lose out on the possibility to receive a Praise of High Morals. According to what we can gather, if you choose poorly, you will never have another chance and will have permanently lost the Praise of High Morals.

You can repair a trash can, for instance, in Boulder Town. You’ll have a few choices while interacting with it, one of which is to mend it. If you do, you’ll receive a Praise of High Morals; if not, you’ll miss the chance. Basically, if you constantly select the most positive course of action during a conversation.

You’ll discover that you pick up a few along the road. Before you understand what you can do with a Praise of High Morals, you’ll probably come across one. But in essence, you can exchange them for free goods at specific locations; occasionally, they are valuable, and other times, they are just rubbish.

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