Search a Republic Chest Fortnite Complete Guide

Search a Republic Chest Fortnite: For Chapter 4 of Season 2, Fortnite is returning with a fresh round of weekly challenges.

The game is presently in Week 6, and there are some challenging tasks to do. One of the Week 6 tasks for Fortnite Season 3 calls for players to seek 100 chests and awards 80,000 XP rather than the usual 35,000.

The primary goal of this challenge is to search 100 Fortnite chests, however it also includes the banner “Rec: 4 Players”. The meaning of this hasn’t been well explained by Fortnite officials, which may cause some players some confusion. While some fans online believe that four players are needed to complete the challenge, this is not the case.

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Search a Republic Chest Fortnite
Search a Republic Chest Fortnite

In Fortnite, there are particular loot chests called Republic chests. They were included in the most recent significant Chapter and are key-locked. Even opening them presents difficulties, so you’ll want to become used to discovering them as quickly as possible. Holo Chests can significantly increase your chances of winning a Fortnite match.

Regardless of whether you’re attempting to fulfil a challenge or not. They frequently contain Epic rarity weapons, if not Exotic weaponry. They are undoubtedly among the quickest ways to acquire a powerful weapon early on. Here are the locations of Holo Chests in Fortnite and the rewards they contain. To help you claim, we’ll also provide some pointers on where to look for Holo Keys.

Where to find Republic Chests in Fortnite:

In Fortnite, adding a Key to your inventory is the first step in finding a Republic Chest. Keys are typically given for capturing Capture Points and can be found as ground treasure, in chests, or both. Once you have a Key in your possession, a small white padlock icon will appear next to Republic Chests on your mini-map.

In general, specified sites are a wonderful place to look, but you can find Republic Chests by just investigating groups of buildings scattered over the area. Here, vehicles—particularly the brand-new Rogue Bike—can be very helpful. In the picture up top, Republic Chests are visible.

These little grey chests above them emit holographic pictures of weaponry. The majority just need one key to unlock, however occasionally two keys are needed. The exotic weapons and equipment are typically locked inside the two-Key locks.

What weapons can you get from Republic Chests?

Since Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, rare and legendary versions of common weapons as well as exotics can be found in holo chests. The Red Eye Assault Rifle, the Heavy Sniper Rifle, the Heavy Shotgun, the Heavy Maven Auto Shotgun, and the Run ‘n’ Gun SMG are among the exotic weapons that come in heisted versions.

Shield Fish are additionally occasionally found within Holo Chests. So there you have it, that is how Fortnite’s holo chests operate. Check out our tutorial on how to hide in haystacks for further help with the game. However, the banner does suggest that a team of four is the ideal size to complete the challenge, so it is preferable that you put together a group of four people and go over to take on the challenge together.

Not only would playing the game in a squad save you a tonne of time, but it will also make finding the chests much simpler. Players must look for 100 chests scattered over the map, which is where the chests are located. There isn’t a certain site where you’re expected to find these chests, however the Lazy Lake is among the locations you should go to first. There are numerous containers scattered across this area that you can loot.

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