Find a Weapon with a Stake | Redfall

Find a Weapon with a Stake | Redfall: Finding a staked weapon so that you can murder a vampire holding hostages in a fire station. It is one of your first objectives in Redfall. The demon vampire is in the fire station’s lower level. But you can’t kill it unless a weapon with a stake in it. The vampire can be wounded with bullets and other weapons. It can only be killed by driving a spike into its centre.

Redfall will give you the task of searching the fire station for a staked weapon when you initially enter there and come across the citizens. If you are having trouble locating the staked weapon in particular, continue reading our tutorial below to find out.

Find a Weapon with a Stake | Redfall
Find a Weapon with a Stake | Redfall

Find a Weapon with a Stake | Redfall

You must accompany the vampire into the fire station’s basement in order to locate the staked weapon. But don’t worry; a vampire is in a different basement chamber and won’t see you until you approach it directly.

A blood trail leading down the staircase to the body of a person on the floor is right before you reach the chamber with the vampire. A shotgun is close to a murder victim on the floor if you approach the body. The game will indicate that you’ve now hold a staked weapon when you pick up the shotgun. In Redfall, finding a stake weapon is as easy as trying to locate one. Most weapons you discover already have one attached.

Next, you must go into the vampire’s area, engage it using a shotgun or another weapon, and then kill it with the stake that is fastening to your new shotgun.

Changing Skins of Stake in Redfall

In Redfall, changing a stake’s skin is simple; simply keep to these guidelines:

  • Activate your loadout.
  • Shotguns or a hunting rifle are your two options.
  • R on a PC or X on an Xbox
  • A Stake box is located at your bottom of the display.
  • If the firearm has an installed stake, clicking on it to access the menu on the left and select a different skin.
  • The weapon will come with a red lock attached to it if it is unable to equip a stack.

Using Satke Weapons in Redfall

Vampires must be killed with stakes. Change to the gun with the stake connected when you have reduced their overall health to zero. Get near to the vampire and use a gun quick that comes to kill them by driving the bayonet into their heart. The stake is the best way for turning a vampire to dust, even if your skills are on cooldown. You can also utilise skills to wipe them out.

As you approach the vampires, use your best weapons to disable them prior to changing to the stake’s weapon and slashing them through the heart. When pursuing a stake, work together with your teammates to get their support. While the kill animation is playing, you are immune to injury, but if you find yourself surrounded after the vampire has vanished, be prepared to fight.


The players are in luck since it couldn’t be simpler to connect a stake to a weapon. This is mainly due to the lack of requirements for obtaining a stake on an individual’s weapon.

The majority of the weapons you discover and acquire in Redfall currently have a stake linked to them. Since pistols tend to be too tiny to fit a stake on them, they appear to be the only exemption to this rule. Players won’t have to bother about connecting a stake manually because the majority of the other game’s weaponry will already have one pre-installed.

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