Bygone Settlement Puzzle Star War Jedi Survivor

Bygone Settlement Puzzle Star War Jedi Survivor: A fan will block your path as you initially enter the Bygone Settlement in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

You’ll Probably try to find a means to stop it or find Another Route to the Sandcrawler. But Before you can move Past it, you’ll have to wait a Bit. There are two parts to the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Quest “Research Tanalorr”: one on Koboh and one on Shattered Moon.

You’ll have to solve a problem on the planet’s Devastated Settlement during the Koboh portion of the assignment. It’s a little tricky because you have to convert orbs into laser beams (formerly known as Koboh Tuner Beams) throughout the course of three sections. Here is the solution.

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Bygone Settlement Puzzle Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Bygone Settlement Puzzle Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Force Push the switch twice in the room’s centre after returning through the crack. The strange dark vegetation covering the left (or right, depending on your point of view) side of the wall that divides the room will be removed by the Koboh Tuner Beam as a result. Next, re-enter through the crack. Jump to the ledge with the laser by using the enormous crate. A Force echo can be found in the corner for finishers.

Can you turn off the fan in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s Bygone Settlement?

The fan in Bygone Settlement of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor cannot be turned off. Once you acquire a new skill, you can overcome it. Wait until Chapter 4.1: The Hidden Path, which is required. During this section, you’ll visit the Singing Ruins and acquire the Dash skill. With Dash, you can jump into any wind and force your way through it.

As a result, if you get back to Koboh, you can go back to the Bygone Settlement, leap again, run through the wind, and eventually reach the climbable area on the other side. You can then take the path around to get to the Sandcrawler by doing so. if you have recently been to the Cantina.

Take the orb out of the Koboh Tuner Beam and jump down below while holding on to it. Toss the orb into the glowing blue socket that was once hidden by the bramble that had disintegrated. Jump up to the ledge beneath the socket you just inserted the orb into using the enormous crate as a step stool.

To access the other side of the room, shimmy through the wall. Returning to the outdoors, take the same orb, descend, and jump. Continue straight and throw the orb into the laser beam opening at the cliff’s edge.

The last stage is to point the new laser across the abyss, keep it steady, and fire a shot into the dark purple rock on the spire halfway across. Simply copy this to create an updraft as a visual aid. To reach the second piece of the Devastated Settlement orb puzzle, ride the glider bird creature, also known as a relter.

Defeat the two gorocco:

The Koboh’s Devastated Settlement orb puzzle’s second piece is by far the trickiest. Take the two goroccos out. (Our advice: make one of them confused and make the other one attack.) Force Pull the orb out of the laser beam after shattering the cracked wall with the Force. This will make a ledge visible. Reduce it.

You can upgrade your BD-1 with the Koboh Grinder in the next level, allowing you to use Koboh Matter—the term for the black bramble substance—to increase the range of your Koboh Tuner Beams. Return to the first room, take the orb, and throw it back at the Koboh Tuner you got it from there. (See two images above.)

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