Jedi Survivor Rooftops All Collectibles

Jedi Survivor Rooftops All Collectibles: In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, there are cosmetics and upgrades to find on every planet and location.

However, since new abilities will open up new exploration paths, you won’t be able to find them all on your first trip to each planet and region. For those, we’ll break them down by the ability you need below.

You may find every chest, databank, Force tear, treasure, and essence on Coruscant in the Rooftops, Renovation Site 4733, Industrial Stacks, Undercity Meats, Freight Handling Depot, Skylane Regulation Station, and Hangar 2046-C with the aid of our Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Coruscant collectibles guide.

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Jedi Survivor Rooftops All Collectibles
Jedi Survivor Rooftops All Collectibles

at Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Cal’s journey starts at Coruscant, the imperial capital. Saw Guerrera’s mission to aid the rebels swiftly devolves into tragedy, however, as Cal is compelled to flee Coruscant and travel to Koboh.

You are unable to return to Coruscant for the most of the adventure, but you can do so eventually to complete the game and earn the 100% completion rating. You need to find 29 collectibles to complete Coruscant. That’s not that horrible in the bigger picture of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor! Coruscant is a wonderful, simple spot to start your collectable hunt in comparison to the hundreds of doodads and who-whats on Koboh.

Jedi Survivor Rooftops All Collectibles:

discovered by entering the entrance by the Rooftops Meditation Point. To find the Chest on the farthest platform, go along the route until it ends. Turn right and check in the corner when you arrive at the Rooftops Meditation Point to find your first Force Echo. After defeating the Stormtroopers, proceed from the Rooftops Meditation Point to the platform and turn left to reach the Databank Scan.

You’ll be shot down from a pole you’re traversing following the yacht’s crash and your escape. Look to the left for a chest containing the Patience emitter lightsaber part when you (crash) land in a cramped space. Take a left when you get to the first meditation spot. Take a second left to find databank 1 just past the wall (and before the terminal to unlock the door to chest 2).

A terminal BD can slice can found to the left of the initial meditation point, immediately adjacent to databank 1. Use Force Push to seal the pipe after opening the door. To get to a chest with the Patience switch, hop between the platforms.

After acquiring Force Lift later in the tale, go back to the very first section to open the locked door and uncover the Force Tear (Fractured Malice – requires Force Lift skill). Parkour up the slick slope, then slice through the door up ahead to reveal a Chest containing the Coruscant Paint for BD-1 after passing through.

Wall-run along the primary walkway of Renovation Site 4733, passing the blue, curving sign. At the end, climb the wall, turn around, and wall-run along the higher blue sign once more. This chest is located at the conclusion in an alcove on the rooftop.


After passing the first meditation spot, you must scale a wall and fight three scout troopers. Check the wall underneath the graffiti for the Squatter Camp databank collectible after they have dealt with. The Renovation Site section of Coruscant has nine collectibles.

Two chests, four databank entries, and three treasures. You’ll see a stormtrooper patrol after being (re)introduced to wall running, and you’ll need to make your way up a slippery ramp. The priority shard can be found on the ground glittering if you turn around and walk along the ramp’s left side.

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