ITZY x MLBB Collaboration – Allstar X Itzy as Global Ambassador

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Itzy, a South Korean girl trio, will work with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) on its next ALLSTAR upgrade soon. As a consequence of the All-Star update, numerous new events will be added to the game, including a new map theme, a much-needed Minsitthar improvement, and an MLBB x Itzy collaboration.

ITZY x MLBB Collaboration

One thing keeps coming up with the ALLSTAR update: a tonne of events. After the new Transformers partnership came to an end, MLBB offered fans another significant partnership to keep them interested in the game.

This time, Itzy, who has since evolved into an ambassador for MLBB, will take the pitch. The band led by Yeji, Yuna, Lia, Chaeryeong, and Ryuijin will play at the ALLSTAR music festival. April 5 to April 20 are the scheduled dates. While the other events have released all of their information, MOONTON has not yet.

Through these events, players have the opportunity to receive four free skins and items totaling 1,999 diamonds for nothing.

The new motif for the map is another fascinating aspect of the facelift. New bases and turrets as well as a general modification in the landscape are included in the ALLSTAR theme. From March 22 to May 15, the game will be accessible.

The Lord and heroes will also shine on the map, making for some spectacular battles.

Minsitthar ITZY x MLBB Collaboration

Both Minsitthar’s look and his abilities are being upgraded. While continuing upgrading his first talent and ultimate, MOONTON completely redid his second ability and passive.

Specific plays involving the hero are given priority by the new passive. All of a hero’s attacks and skills will now give him a stack of Mark of the King.

The opponent hero will be damaged and stunned after they have accumulated all of their stacks. A percentage of Minsitthar’s HP will also come back.

He will fling his spear forward, shocking the enemy with its point (Ability 1: Spear of Glory). When the spear is pulled, all enemies between the hero and the spear’s edge are drawn back.

The hero’s second ability, skillful attack, allows her to do area damage and slow adversaries. As a result, he will enter the “Phalanx” state.

As a result, Minsitthar suffers less frontal damage. He also possesses stronger and quicker basic attacks that provide AOE damage.

When this power is used, Minsitthar leaps forward and calls forth four Royal Guards nearby. Although immobile, these guardians attack rival heroes who enter the area. Additionally, all enemies nearby are slowed.

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