Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer Level – How to increase

Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer Level: You’ll find yourself gaining EXP and level up like there is nothing tomorrow. While riding the Honkai Star Rail through the stars on the Astral Express. However, the rate of EXP accumulation for each Trailblaze Level goes down as the game goes on.

You should boost your Trailblaze Level before confronting your Equilibrium level. If you wish to build up the players so that they are combat-ready and capable of taking on harder foes. Here are some quick tips for raising your Trailblaze Level while earning EXP in Honkai Star Rai.

Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer Level
Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer Level

Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer Level

Your Trailblaze Rank in Honkai Star Rail is not meant to be confused with the Equilibrium Level (your global level) or the OC’s level (the Trailblazer). It will influence what missions you may take on and what level your characters can reach.

You may view your current Trailblaze Level by tapping on you in the app on your phone.
Your Trailblaze Level is shown below your user profile picture. The universe of Honkai Star Rail and its varied features will open up to you more as your Trailblaze Level rises.

You can raise your Equilibrium Level, a skill equally crucial to advancing through Honkai Star Rail, after your Trailblaze Level hits particular levels.

Methods to Increase Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer Level

If you wish to increase the Trailblaze Level in Honkai Star Rail, you need earn as much Trailblaze EXP you can.

After you finish a quest, etc., the Trailblaze Level (and how you are doing to level up) will frequently come up on your screen to show that you are earning some EXP.

There are some tasks you may concentrate on in order to gain extra Trailblaze EXP. Missions and quests should be the first priority. You will be earning a lot of EXP with the help of your major tasks, partner duties, side quests, and other activities. These only take a little period to do. You must finish them in order to advance on Honkai Star Rail.

In return for Trailblazer Power, Calyxes give gamers Credits, Character EXP supplies, and additional supplies (much as Resin in Genshin Impact).

It’s easy: Fight foes to receive the benefits that are specified for that Calyx. To speed things up, you can battle six rounds straight. You receive 50 Trailblazer EXP for each round, so you may easily accumulate 300 Trailblazer EXP at once.

A Trailblazer Energy bars with a full charge will have a maximum of 180 points. Just battling in Calyxes can earn you up to 900 Trailblazer EXP if you utilise it all at once.

Quests in Honkai

The equivalent of quests in Honkai Star Rail is missions. You will get the greatest number of Trailblazer EXP by finishing the main narrative. You will receive a sizable sum of money for Companion Missions, which include illustrious gaming characters. The most frequent missions are adventure missions, although the total number of Trailblazer EXP gained depends drastically on the mission. To determine if prizes are worthwhile or not, you may preview them from the Missions page on your dashboard.

There are lots of Trailblazer EXP opportunities for new players in the Operation Briefing part of the Guide. It’s a bummer that you can’t depend on this feature a while in the game once you’ve finished all the stages, but it’s a simple method to get Trailblazer EXP quickly at first. There are around 500 Trailblazer EXP in each Operation Briefing part (or at least in the initial three). Even though not all of them will be easy for you to finish right away, many of them will, such levelling up heroes and their skills.

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