Honkai Star Rail Corridor of Fading Echoes All Treasure Locations

Honkai Star Rail Corridor of Fading Echoes All Treasure Locations: You may locate and unlock a set of treasure boxes in each area in Honkai Star Trail. Every chest will provide you with essential things and money. It’s also necessary if you wish to complete the game completely.

This guide will show you where to locate each of the nine treasure chests in Jaliro IV’s Corridor of Fading Echoes.

Honkai Star Rail Corridor of Fading Echoes All Treasure Locations
Honkai Star Rail Corridor of Fading Echoes All Treasure Locations

Honkai Star Rail Corridor of Fading Echoes All Treasure Locations:

  1. The northern part of the globe is where we’ll start, at the Fortified Zone Space Anchor. From the Space Anchor, turn directly north, and the chest will be there, next to the device.
  2. Anyway, cross the enormous gear by taking the only route south. Before the flight of stairs, the second chest may be seen leaning against the south wall.
  3. Continue southward till you come to the very first squared room indicated on the map. At the eastern wall, close to the flight of steps leading north, is where you’ll find the third chest.
  4. Take those steps and head east to reach the fourth chest, which is fairly near with the third one. The chest is on a tiny balcony, which may be reached by climbing some more stairs.
  5. Continue travelling south towards the Command Centre Space Anchor from the chamber where you discovered the second chest. Just on the other end from the Space Anchor lies the fifth chest.
  6. Inside the sizable rectangular room where the Space Achor is located is the sixth chest. On the room’s eastern side, adjacent to several crates and tables, is where you’ll find it.
  7. Continue moving southward until you reach the diagonal route that leads you southwest. There, at the bottom of the last flight of stairs, is the seventh chest.
  8. Keep going west down the trail to reach the ninth chest. But keep in mind there is a Warp Trotter here. The treasure chest is located in the little rectangular area on the map’s extreme west side.

Some Other Chests: Honkai Star Rail

The Formidable Foe task and the Magflow Link puzzle do not count towards the total number of treasure chests on the map, making up these five chests.

  1. Come southwest in the direction of Formidable Foe after teleporting to the ancient battleground from the frontline space anchor. Because there isn’t a strong Fire character available for F2P, I have a lot of trouble taking down this boss (Asta doesn’t count as I still didn’t succeed using her; Himeko is my best option against this foe).
  2. Drive northwest in the direction of a different Formidable Foe from where you came from. Again, it’s more doable for the F2P team, yet you can’t truly auto-play it without being concerned because the adversary has an ability that delivers significant damage if you do anything that she restricts for a turn (don’t use the skill, make a regular strike, or don’t assault her).
  3. After the last foe has been eliminated, go east to a Magflow Link puzzle. Follow the machine until it generates a treasure trove, then be sure to stop.
  4. To reach the bridge, teleport to the Polluted Plaze space anchor and go northeastward. Once you’ve gone through the gate, you’ll find the Magflow Link problem here.
  5. To fight the Formidable Foe, move south from the earlier location to the raised region.

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