Honkai Star Rail 1.2 and 1.3 Banners Leaks, Characters, Banners, & more

Honkai Star Rail 1.2 and 1.3 Banners Leaks: Schedule of banners in Honkai: StarRail is a crucial informational component of the game that every Pathfinder should own if they want to quickly restock their hero collections with their favourite characters.

On the other hand, acquire the most potent weapons. These leaks provide you the opportunity to get ready before the debut or replay of legendary characters so that you can have enough time to get Special Star Passes.

You may follow this development with the most recent banner schedule in Honkai: Star Rail without having to rely on daily news and leaks research because the article is consistently updated with information from insiders and dataminers. We will then examine the game’s “Jumps” feature in more detail.

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Honkai Star Rail 1.2 and 1.3 Banners Leaks
Honkai Star Rail 1.2 and 1.3 Banners Leaks

Two new characters—Seele (Hunting Path, Quantum Damage) and Jing Yuan (The Path of Erudition, Electrical Damage)—as well as their distinguishing weapons are included in the patch 1.0 banners. The phrase “Butterfly on the tip” will let you acquire the legendary figure Seele.

The young woman assumes the role of the squad’s primary DPS hero, follows the Paths of the Hunt, and deals quantum damage. You can acquire the legendary character Jing Yuan by playing “Whirlwind of sky spears.” The major DPS hero in the group is Alliance General Xianzhou, who uses Paths of Erudite and does electrical damage.

Honkai Star Rail 1.2 and 1.3 Banners Leaks:

Based on genuine dataminer leaks and subsequent banners in Honkai: Star Rail following version 1.2, the information below was created. The “Event Jump” characters and light cones occasionally deviate from the disclosed information.

Before the introduction of a new patch, developers are occasionally permitted to make last-minute changes to event banners. The information analysed can be followed to build up “jumps” on the characters you favour, although many leaks are still confirmed.

When compared to information leaked by Genshin Impact. The release of new heroes is the subject of the most trustworthy information. Reruns of classic characters, on the other hand, need to be handled with extra care.

Phase 2 of Version 3.6 will see the release of Ganyu’s rerun as well as Baizhu’s debut banner. Kaveh, a 4-star character who will also be making his debut, will join them both. Along with Kuki Shinobu, Dori, and Layla. Who are all 4-star characters, Nahida and Nilou currently share both of their rerun banners!

As previously discussed in the Version 3.6 webcast, Dehya is now obtainable via the Standard Banner! Check out our Gacha Guides for a rundown of all the previous wish banners! Additionally, it includes our tutorials for the Pity System, Gacha Simulators, and best wishes to pull.


The release of two heroes, the “enhanced” version of Dan Heng (Eater of the Moon) and an attractive girl dressed in traditional oriental attire named Fu Xuan, was among the rumours Team China put forth for patch 1.3. Insiders Mere, JoQatwt, and Affinity2_0 published.

Renders of the heroes that appeared in the story missions of the final closed beta testing, making it possible to speculate on which characters the developers intend to release in the future. Players should eagerly anticipate the introduction of these heroes, as some of them may take the lead roles in the brief Event Jump: Character banner before the year 2023 is out.

Eula, Klee, and Kazuha might all be eligible for repeat episodes. Keep checking back for additional information as The Wanderer and Alhaitham are likely candidates for repeat episodes in Version 3.7!

There are spoilers in the Teyvat Chapter Storyline, which provides a rough release timetable for Genshin Impact. The video includes Teyvat Nations and Archon Quest titles. It’s likely that the additional characters seen in the video will also be playable as all of the characters in the film that have been publicly revealed are playable characters!

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