Guide Paradox Honkai Star Rail

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Guide Paradox Honkai Star Rail
Guide Paradox Honkai Star Rail

The creator has provided gamers with a sizable quantity of Honkai: Star Rail vouchers to honour the release of HoYoverse’s new RPG. The game’s premium currency Stellar Jade, which is used for character banner pulls, is one of the precious items you may acquire with each of the five codes that are now available.

Paradox Honkai Star Rail

As the Astral Express achieves top speed, you may be ready to begin your voyage across Jarilo-VI with the greatest characters available. Honkai: Star Rail was not designed to permit internal rerolling, although it is possible if you are patient. Having said that, the optimal characters to strive for in your rerolling relay are provided below.

Honkai: The reroll value of each Departure Warp character use by Star Rail was evaluated. Finally, don’t let the rankings deter you from playing this game since you’ll love it a thousand times more if you use your favourite characters. Who can resist the charming pilot of the Astral Express?

How to get Paradox Honkai Star Rail

You may see Arlan’s plea for help regarding a stolen videotape in his message, which is display in the incoming message notification.

When Arlan asks for your assistance in recovering a stolen videotape, this quest will become active. The quest navigation will lead you to the elderly guy at the top of the stairs. Where you may teleport to the Central Passage space anchor in the Master Control Zone.

All that is require is to follow the navigation to get all three videotapes in the supply zone:

  • The doomsday space anchor is place east of the parts warehouse.
  • Located to the north of the train platform space anchor, atop a desk.
  • In the same location, there is a faint blue dot near the Justice videotape.

Go north on the map, enter the chamber on your left, and then teleport to the Supply Zone’s Electrical chamber space anchor. This room’s monitor is to your right, and all you have to do is stare at it. Even if there is an enemy there, you don’t have to engage them in combat until they notice you.

Sheila may be located in the room on the second level of the Reception Centre space anchor in Base Zone. Talk to Joanne to get the details before approaching Gunn. Whatever method you choose, you can educate Gunn. The best response, in my opinion, is “Please tell Sheila the truth.”

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