Fire MC Build Guide in Honkai Star Rail

Fire MC Build Guide in Honkai Star Rail: Although the Trailblazer MC starts out as a Physical type of personality, Honkai Star Rail allows you to change it to a Fire-type character. The preservation pathway is present in this fire-type variation. Strong assaults from Trailblazer and a tanky setup can help you defeat several powerful foes. However, in order to obtain this Fire version, you must first advance in the main plot.

Fire MC Build Guide in Honkai Star Rail
Fire MC Build Guide in Honkai Star Rail

Fire MC Build Guide in Honkai Star Rail

You must progress far enough in Honkai Star Rail for the Fire Trailblazer MC, the major personality, to be unlocking and obtaining. After completing the assignments on Jarilo-VI, you can access the Preservation route and the fire powers. Mind you, not all of the quests—just the narrative. Thus, all it requires of you is persistence and patience. Remember that the Trailblazer you start off with by design has a Physical feature and follows the Destruction route. By switching the Light Cone on your Trailblazer, you may switch between them once you acquire the Fire Type. Simply select “Switch” from the Cone part in the character menu’s bottom right corner.

For the Preservation path and the Trailblazer Fire kind in Honkai Star Rail, users have to complete the Trailblazer narrative level in Jarilo-VI’s story mode. You will obtain it in Jarilo-VI’s Cocolia final boss encounter.

After defeating the monster, you can use the Light Cones to alternate between Trailblazer’s Physical and Fire attack types.

Fire’s Strengths and Skills: Honkai Star Rail

One of the greatest Honkai Star Rail characters to have on your squad is the Trailblazer’s Fire variant MC.It has a strong construction that can take a lot of hits. When using the Fire element, it can cause a lot of harm. Also, it may be used to weaken your team’s defenses and consume toughness bars. Additionally, it can produce shields to defend the team. Although the shield is less effective comparing it to different shield generators, however, it can still be helpful when fighting powerful bosses to reduce damage.

  • Ice-Breaking Light does damage from fire equivalent to 50% of Trailblazer’s basic ATK. The improved version will deal 90% of ATK damage while employing four Magma Will stacks.
  • Competency: Ever-Burning Amber
    Adds a single level of Magma Will and increases damage mitigation by 42%. Taunt all adversaries for one round with a 100% base probability.
  • Flaming Lance’s ultimate attack does all foes fire damage equivalent to 60% of Trailblazer’s defence. It is used beyond enemy lines. without using Magma Will, increases the following Basic ATK.
  • Talent: Gets a single stack of Magma Will each time Trailblazer is struck (maximum of 8 stacks). Increases Basic ATK by four or more stacks when delivering DMG to one or nearby adversary. After employing a Basic Skill, a Shield is for all allies.
  • Approach: At the beginning of the following fight, create a shield that does damage equal to 50% of the DEF of the Trailblazers.

The Fire variant of Trailblazer is capable of defeating several tough adversaries and bosses because to these reliable talents. To obtain Trailblazer Fire in Honkai Star Rail, you only need to complete that action. Check out the Trailblaze ability’s acquisition instructions if you want to make the most of this character.

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