Build High Priest Akita Lv 70 – Ragnarok Origin Global

Build High Priest Akita Lv 70 – Ragnarok Origin Global: Ragnarok Origin, a new game from the well-known MMORPG Ragnarok Online, has arrived! Immerse yourself in a massive fantasy world filled with epic battles, enigmatic monsters.

For those of you who value a balance between defence and offence, we propose priest equipment. After all, Priest will feel familiar to those of you who enjoy cheering on sports teams. Priests play a crucial part in the history of the Ragnarok video game.

Therefore, in the majority of PVP boss fights, the High Priestess—the only healer—matters. Sadly, a lot of people might still be unsure of how to create one that will unintentionally harm wild creatures.

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BUILD HIGH PRIEST AKITA LV 70 - Ragnarok Origin Global
BUILD HIGH PRIEST AKITA LV 70 – Ragnarok Origin Global

Obviously, when you level up and advance to high priestess, concentrate on finding additional healers. Make it a priority if you can develop a character that can at least level decently when you’ve merely taken on the role of a sidekick and become a priest.

The high priest, despite being a healer, interfered with the power of the priests and priests, which might be quite harmful. Here are the top pieces of gear for Ragnarok Origin Priest that you may utilise.

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Build High Priest Akita Lv 70:

The function of an Acolyte is elevated to that of a Ragnarok Origin Priest. An acolyte can talk to the church’s NPC High Bishop, Prontera, to become a priest after achieving level 40. There are various requirements that must be met before an acolyte can become a priest, including a purity test, a pilgrimage, and an exorcism attempt.

Magic was practised by priests to combat evil. This particular position is usually one of support on the squad and does not typically require attacking strength. You must be aware of the group’s condition and its surroundings, even if you are not in the front. Players who enjoy putting in a lot of effort to keep the party exciting and safe will benefit from this service.

Even though you can instantly switch from a priest to a support, remember to consider your allies when making this choice. You will require more damage than healing or buffs if you are playing alone. You must hunt enemies because the majority of priestly abilities deal Holy damage. Mummy and Munak both possess the skills Turn Undead and Magnus Exorcimus, similar to Drainliar. Later, playing solely to gain EXP will be an option.

Recommended Ragnarok Origin Priest Gear:

Priests should use equipment that is appropriate for F2P (free to play) gamers. Complete gear support, including energy/speed-based features and shadow gears. Screening lengthens treatment times and increases the number of treatments while decreasing CD skills. Basic features, however, will cut down on skill CD and casting time.

Damage is a common tactic used by P2W players. Shadow gear, which boosts attack power and reduces skill CD, is included in the damage from gear. The two main characteristics, MATK and MPen, both boost damage. Here are some advice for Ragnarok Origin priests, beginning with stats, skills, and equipment.

Because the damage is not as severe and the defence is not as robust as the tank type, type support is occasionally underestimated. However, you can boost the Priest’s attack power by constructing the appropriate building.

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