Ragnarok Origin Mage Stats Build

Ragnarok Origin Mage Stats Build: You want to be as powerful as you can when playing a mage in Ragnarok Origin. We’re talking about a wizard with Gandalf and Dumbledore-caliber strength, one who can stand his ground in the face of any foe and annihilate them all anytime he wants to.

Ragnarok Origin Mage Stats Build
Ragnarok Origin Mage Stats Build

You would need to go through several levels of selecting the appropriate skills, ultimately enabling you to command an omnipotent one, to build a Wizard of that calibre. Visit this post to learn how to build up your Wizard skill tree in Ragnarok Origin.

It takes a number of steps to reach the all-powerful Wizard. Don’t fret, though. To help you make the finest Wizard, we’ve put together a thorough tutorial that explains everything you need to accomplish.

Ragnarok Origin Mage Stats Build Free Tools:

Using Meteor Storm and Fire Magical Damage as its main focus, the build we’ll be presenting today is one of the strongest in the game. But you’re not required to copy it exactly. You can innovate and adjust to your playstyle, but there is one major rule you should always follow: Don’t scatter your skill points across your skill tree in an attempt to learn every spell. Instead, concentrate on creating a smaller number of powerful spells that are all completely boosted.

You must know a particular level of a previous spell in order to cast some spells. Because of this, we advise that if you want to update this build, you pay attention to those prerequisites first.

Ragnarok Origin Mage Hacks Here:

Bolts of fire, cold, and lightning (all level 10) deal 1000% + 800 different types of damage when used. Therefore, Fire Bolt adds 800 Fire Magic Damage, Cold Bolt adds 800 Water Magic Damage, and Lightning Bolt adds 800 Wind Magic Damage. You can become an extremely adaptable Wizard who can deal with various foes if you max out all of these.

Any type of spellcaster, whether a Priest or a Wizard, needs Zen Heart (level 7). It gives you a passive, ongoing increase in your SP recovery (21 + 14% of your maximum SP) and raises the restoring effects of Recovery items by 135%.
When you think you could be overrun by foes, use the level 3 spell “Fire Wall” to stave them off. erects a fire wall that, for 9 seconds, deals 80% + 30 Fire Damage and prevents 9 tries to pass through.

Fire Pillar (level 5): This spell deals a lot of damage to up to 10 monsters, dealing 200 + MATK x 140% Magic Damage. Each will take a devastating 5-hit combo.
Sight (level 1): A helpful Fire elemental creature that follows you around and makes invisible units visible. This one is useful if your party has no other way of locating unseen units.

Ragnarok Mage Build Reach Faster

Meteor Storm (level 10): You can send a meteor storm their way if you truly detest them. This powerful spell sends down nine meteors, each of which does an area’s total damage of 550% + 154 Fire Magic Damage. Each meteor has a 30% chance of stunning the target, which adds to the entertainment value. Due to this spell’s very overpowered nature, we suggest using it as one of your main spells.
Level ten Safety Wall: In order to protect oneself from a more numerous attacker, you can build a traditional defensive barrier. It has a 50-second duration, can withstand up to 10 strikes, and provides a significant defence boost by reducing 100% of all physical melee damage (during the length of the Wall).

When you cast the level 5 spell Earth Spike, you will cause five earthquakes beneath your target that will together deal 800% + 1000% Earth Magic Damage. Since it grants your character access to Earth Magic Damage, it complements your varied spellbook wonderfully.

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