Find a Way Through The Arcade Dead Island 2

Find a Way Through The Arcade Dead Island 2: There is a tonne of activities and goodies to find in Dambuster Studios’ Dead Island 2 in addition to the game’s rather limited story.

Find a Way Through The Arcade Dead Island 2
Find a Way Through The Arcade Dead Island 2

Players will have the chance to finish a number of “Lost & Found” objectives throughout their gory zombie-slaying adventure. Some of the quests lead to exclusive weaponry.

In Dead Island 2, five Lost & Found weapon quests grant access to some of the strongest weapons available, including a few Legendary weapons. However, because the game doesn’t indicate where they are, it can be challenging to locate them and complete them. Given that, here is a thorough instruction on how to locate and finish each of Dead Island 2’s five Lost & Found weapon tasks.

Exact way through the arcade dead island 2:

Once you arrive at Roxanne and Rikky’s home in Beverly Hills, you can find “The Clean and Snatch” there. The quest can be started by locating the note marked “A Parting Gift” on the chest in the pool outside of the house. This note’s clue says, “Beverly Hills pools.”
After leaving Rikky and Roxanne’s home, proceed to the pool to the north. For access to the pool area on the west side, you must climb a white van close to the wall. If you feel like it, kill the adversaries there, then grab “Dave’s Phone” off one of the pool chairs. There will be a clue on this note that says, “One pool in Bel-Air.”

To the west of there, at Michael’s pool, you’ll find a barren pool populated with foes. Eliminate the adversaries and take the “Note for Michael” from the red toolbox. The following hints will say “pizza floatie” and “unicorn rubber rings.”

Now proceed to the house in the middle of the map with the curving, narrow pool. You’ll find a pool of Caustic-X when you get there. “Obi’s Phone” is resting next to a sitting body at one end of the pool. When you retrieve the phone, you’ll find the hints “prank channel” and “streaming a live pool party tonight & my viewers.”

Address of the arcade dead island 2:

To go to Bel-Air, take the north exit or, if it’s unlocked, utilise quick travel. When you arrive, proceed to the Goat Pen, the sizable enclosure to the south. The objective will change to “Pool Inspection!” and you’ll have to take down an Obi the Pool Guy Runner zombie. After you’ve defeated him, take his key and head back to Beverly Hills. Once there, use the key to unlock the chest in the pool at Rikky and Roxanne’s home. You’ll get an Electrocutor Officer’s Sword for your pains after you open the chest.

The next Lost & Found weapon quest you can complete is “My Mailman Was a Zombie!” in Bel-Air. The quest can be started by finding the “Signature Required” note close to a delivery vehicle southeast of Curtis’ residence. Three hints will be visible when the message is examined, and they are located at 70 Alpine Drive, 59 Alpine Drive, and 143 Glitterati Corner. It can be challenging to locate these addresses because they are in no way indicated on the map.

New Entering Events through the arcade Dead Island 2:

Following the game’s opening events, the first address is the residence where you originally started in Bel-Air. You’ll want to travel around to the front of the house where you woke up during your initial visit, which is located at 70 Alpine Drive, which is in the northwest corner of the map. Turn left from there and descend to the garage. Near the garage, there will be a stack of packages. Move on to the following address after inspecting those.

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