Dead Island 2 Flushed Mission Guide

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Dead Island 2 Flushed Mission Guide
Dead Island 2 Flushed Mission Guide

In order to reach Santa Monica, you must walk through HELL-A’s sewers as part of the Flushed and later Heart of Darkness missions. However, there will be some arithmetic involved.

Dead Island 2 Flushed Mission Guide

When the Flushed mission in Dead Island 2 begins, you’ll be instructed to head to the sewers. Here, among other adversaries, there is a Screamer that you must defeat.

You may go via the sewers to the Venice Storm Tank after a brief interaction with movie enthusiast Patton.

When you get there, you’ll need a code to continue; you may find this code at the window of the furthest room.

Then you’ll be able to enter the two sealed chambers underneath. Remove the wheel from the caustic-filled one.

Make sure you won’t be killed by the caustic before connecting it to the neighboring water pipe.

We’ll need to utilize three water valves, each with a different number, to rebalance these three vats.

Patton suggests you look for the Venice storm tank, which you refuse politely and follow by leaving. Gaining control once more, you walk into the Brentwood Sewers.

Take the sewage tunnel all through to the end; there is just one way to go. Keep going and unlock the entrance on your left.

A Burster will explode from the toxic sludge as it reaches you, which you’ll see as you turn the bend and another one across from you. When the Burster goes off, use the left water faucet to remove the dangerous sludge before continuing.

You’ll soon find yourself in a vast tunnel filled with water To open the sluice gate, enter the correct code on the keyboard to your right, as will be shown by a prompt.

The code may found by walking to the gated region to the right next to the sluice gate, where a collectible labeled “Instruction Manual” can accessed via the bars.

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Once the entry has unlock with the keypad, turn around to cross the lake. Another pressure-balancing puzzle, similar to the one found in Justifiable Zombicide, will offer to you if you move further.

Venice Storm Tank’s gate will unlock if you enter the sewer and exterminate the approaching horde. If you have an electrical weapon and the electrical upgrade on your pistol. Just shooting a few foes will force them to self-destruct. If they attempt to approach you, the electrical current in the water will do them severe injury.

You will eventually arrive at a room with two Slobbers, a lot of blood, and caustic as you go through the Venice Storm Tank. The room to the left has the circuit breaker for the one. You need; fire valves in this area need to turn off. The room’s other end is where it is.

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