WWE 2k23 Update 1.09 Patch Note – What’s New

WWE 2k23 Update 1.09 Patch Note: Today, Patch 1.09 for WWE 2K22 was made available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam PC, and Xbox Series X|S.

WWE 2K22’s April 19, 2022, patch addresses issues raised by the public, improves and makes stable, and channels the overall experience. The Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions of the 1.09 Patch have a 7.2 GB file size.

WWE 2k23 Update 1.09
WWE 2k23 Update 1.09

WWE 2k23 Update 1.09 Patch Note

The WWE 2K22 1.09 Patch Notes are all shown below, along with a list of changes and problem solution that have been released made:

Playing Style

  • Improved alignment, registration, and effect on hundreds of Superstar meet.
  • Addressed issues where players’ function might disappear while talking with ringside items.
  • Added backing for reversals for a number of movements.
  • Dealt with complaints that athletes were becoming stranded backstage.
  • Updated movesets for a number of Superstars in response to reports of players becoming trapped on the chamber during an Elimination Chamber match.
  • Improved pathing and behaviours of the referees.
  • Better alignment on different dives and springboards.
  • Altered the length of the stun during games.
  • A number of moves that weren’t dealing damage have their damage adjusted.
  • The Signature and Finisher move types have been expanding with new moves.
  • Seat and halting weapons now attack more quickly.
  • In the corner, AI employs more diverse positioning strategies like Top Rope Stunned.
  • Enhanced AI reasoning to carry out contextual finishers like catching, 1v2, and announcing table finishers
  • Typically Tag Team Reduced pin breakage and increased pin defence frequency are among the AI advancements.
  • The Ladder Bridge will now be used by AI outside of Ladder Matches.
  • A more effective AI defence against running attacks.
  • Enhanced AI for surprising adversaries
  • Improved AI in several run-in scenes
  • Enhanced AI attack selection and pathing in packed rings


  • Now, both the Normal and Hard difficult support tag team champions.
  • The size of the match card has increased for both the Normal and Hard difficulties.
  • Enhanced AI Performance Improvements in general


  • Online clubs can now have gates allowed.
  • Enhanced ability while entering or exiting lobbies.
  • An enhanced ability to download objects from Community Creations
  • Extra DLC Options for searching stars using hashtags in Community Creations.
  • Various enhancements to the online gaming environment.
  • Enhanced functionality for Community Creations content previews.

Game Character

  • Better eyes and skin for different Superstar.
  • Updated image to select different Superstars.
  • CAS part configurations that are getting better.
  • Additions to hair in general.


  • Increased stability across the whole universe data updates and cleaning.
  • More uniformity in Superstar naming.
  • enhanced UI images and flow.
  • new modify image.
  • Improved performance of the MITB cash-in save data with normal store credit with gaming.
  • Enhanced Superstar image support on 8-player matches Added the power to stop Hero run-ins after changing the game Added customised championship titles to the screen.
  • Superstars are now accurately attributed to their corresponding brands thanks to modified custom arena match regulations that more closely align with those in gameplay.

Some Additionally Added Features.

  • Enhanced, stable and good work across all creation modes.
  • Cleanup of data across all creation modes.
  • Increased compatibility across several aspects of the custom arena stage
  • better camera angles for Create a Superstar and an Arena
  • an increase in the quality of custom championship graphics
  • design info for arena design has been updated.
  • Additional details for Create a Moveset movements’ items.
  • Addition of the “Top Rope Taunts” category “Facing Ringside”.
  • Good compatibility between a huge variety of CAS parts
  • Good capabilities of the hair colour tool
  • Good players’ strength to apply photos to CAS components.
  • enhanced selection accuracy on fixed-mask superstars
  • improve overall nature of video thumbnails Make Superstars

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