Best XDefiant MP7 loadout Build Guide

XDefiant MP7 loadout Build:  XDefiant is a new free-to-play first-person shooter game, and the MP7 is one of the many weapons available in the game. Here’s a possible MP7 build that you can use in XDefiant.

XDefiant MP7 loadout Build Guide
XDefiant MP7 loadout Build Guide

XDefiant MP7 loadout Build

Primary Weapon

  • MP7


  • Optic: Reflex Sight
  • Barrel: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Stock: FTAC Collapsible
  • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 50 Round Mags


  • Ghost
  • Tracker
  • Quick Fix


  • Lethal: Frag Grenade
  • Tactical: Flashbang

The Reflex Sight provides a clear and precise aim for the MP7. The Extended Magazine increases the ammo capacity of the weapon, allowing you to engage more enemies before needing to reload. The Stippled Grip Tape improves the handling and aiming speed of the MP7, making it easier to control in close-quarters combat. The Compensator reduces the recoil of the MP7, making it more accurate when firing in full-auto mode.

The Ghost perk allows you to remain invisible to enemy UAVs, making it harder for them to locate you. The Tracker perk allows you to see the footprints of enemy players, making it easier to track them down. The Quick Fix perk allows you to regenerate health more quickly after getting a kill, making it easier to stay in the fight.

Of course, your choice of attachments and perks may vary depending on your playstyle and the game mode you’re playing in. So feel free to experiment and find the build that works best for you.

This build focuses on improving the MP7’s accuracy, stability, and stealth capabilities. The Monolithic Suppressor attachment provides sound suppression and increased range, while the Merc Foregrip improves recoil control. The FTAC Collapsible stock allows for faster aim down sight speed, and the Reflex Sight offers a clear view of the battlefield. The 50 Round Mags attachment provides ample ammunition for extended engagements.

In terms of perks, E.O.D. helps protect against explosive damage, Ghost makes the player invisible to enemy UAVs and radar, and Tracker allows the player to see enemy footprints.

For equipment, the Frag Grenade can be used to deal damage to enemies, while the Flashbang can be used to disorient and blind them.

Overall, this build is versatile and effective in various game modes and maps in XDefiant.

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