Academy & Monster Annihilation Guide Quest – Ragnarok Origin

Academy & Monster Annihilation Guide Quest – Ragnarok Origin: One of the key components of having a stronger character in the realm of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) like Ragnarok Origin (ROO) is the desire to advance and level up your character.

For many players, this entails doing farming, which is the practise of repeatedly killing monsters to gain experience points (EXP). Players often decide to engage in AFK (away from keyboard) farming. Which enables their characters to advance in level even while they aren’t actively playing. With the implementation of the Fatigue mechanism, this has been capped in Ragnarok Origin.

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Academy & Monster Annihilation Guide Quest - Ragnarok Origin
Academy & Monster Annihilation Guide Quest – Ragnarok Origin

The urge to level up characters is one of the key components of having a stronger character in multiplayer online games like Ragnarok Origin (ROO). For many players, this entails returning to the time-honored practise of farming, or continuously dispatching monsters to earn experience points (EXP).

Players occasionally have the option to engage in AFK (away from keyboard) farming, which enables their character to level up even when they aren’t actively playing. The tiredness mechanism in Ragnarok Origin, however, restricts this. This time, DuniaGames will examine the AFK farming techniques in Ragnarok Origin (ROO), as well as the benefits and drawbacks of the game’s fatigue system.

Academy & Monster Annihilation:

The Monster Annihilation Duration is an additional feature in Ragnarok Origin that is accessible after your character is worn out. You can get things and cards from defeated monsters while this function is enabled. But you can’t get jobs or basic experience points.

Additionally, during the Monster Annihilation Duration, the likelihood that an item will drop increases by up to six times, providing players with excellent opportunities to gather worthwhile things.

Players must first gather Blessing Time in order to activate the Monster Annihilation Duration. To do this, you must accumulate 100 Daily Activity points, which can be seen in the Events menu in-game. Players will get 30 minutes of Blessing Time for every 100 Daily Activity points they earn.

To get the most out of Blessing Time, it’s crucial to spend it carefully. Up to 210 minutes of Blessing Time, or seven days’ worth of saving this priceless resource, can be accumulated by players. This provides freedom in deciding when and how to spend the collected Blessing Time, allowing you to use it intermittently throughout the week or save it for a single day of grinding.

The use of “Lucky Candy” during this grinding session is encouraged to further optimise Monster Annihilation Duration. To maximise item collecting during Monster Annihilation, use this consumable item, which offers twice the item drops.

Rested EXP:

Many adventurers are puzzled about how rested EXP works in Ragnarok Origin due to the misleading in-game descriptions. To clarify, the 150 minutes of your daily Field Battle Time that aren’t used to earn Rested EXP. Field Battle Time will be converted to basic experience and unused jobs the next day and saved as Rested EXP if you don’t utilise it all in one day.

The additional Field Battle Time and the accrued Rested EXP can then be applied during your grinding session. You can accrue up to three days’ worth of unused Field Battle Time for Kafra VIP members. For individuals who may not have the opportunity to grind every day, this feature is quite helpful.

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