Visit Monolith in Fortnite Week 6 Quests

Visit Monolith in Fortnite: The three monoliths in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 are all located in the following locations and visiting them will fulfil your Week 6 Quest.

You probably already encountered some weird Monoliths on the landscape if you’ve been playing Fortnite MEGA. Along with being a spawn spot for Serenade, another of this season’s NPCs. These regions include a few boxes and other straightforward goodies.

However, as a result of this week’s test, all 3 Monolith sites are in the place of competitive drops in the game. These Monoliths are a useful tactical tool for players who want to move across the island rapidly. They contain a special ability that lets players transfer to different Monoliths on the map.

Visit Monolith in Fortnite
Visit Monolith in Fortnite

Where to Visit Monolith in Fortnite?

On the Fortnite island, you may find the following three Monolith locations:

  • Just after the fort’s crossroads, southwest of The Citadel.
  • In the northwest of Brutal Bastion, on the ice-encircled island.
  • Midway around Kenjutsu Crossing and Knotty Nets on the map, there is a grey region.

To finish the Fortnite mission, you must visit each of the three Monoliths. You cannot go to the same Monolith three times. You must carefully plan your journey in order to see all three Monoliths without going back to each of them. As each one is present out across a different region of the globe. The quest will be finishing once you have been to all three Monoliths.

But you don’t have to play the same game to see all three Monoliths. At the beginning of each battle, you may jump directly into the latest Monolith since your progress will be tracking between rounds.

However, this week’s hunting won’t be only limiting to Monoliths. Additionally, you’ll get the chance to discover fresh hunting regions and take on new difficulties. Prior to setting off, be sure to make the necessary preparations and collect all the required materials.

First Location: Monolith

  • Southwest of The Citadel POI is where the first cluster of monoliths may be found.
  • It is extremely near to the bridge’s southern terminus at the castle.
    These stone monoliths have elaborate engravings on them and are of stone. They are thought to have been built by a prehistoric civilization that previously lived in the region.

Second Location: Monolith

  • In the frozen lake, a second Monolith is concealed on an island.
  • So, to the northwest of Brutal Bastion, these towers will be located on a snowy hill that is entirely encircled by ice.

Third Location: Monolith

Finally, the final Monolith you need to find lies midway across Kenjutsu Crossing and Knotty Nets, on the southeast tip of the islands.

You’ll see a grey area on the map that represents the location of the Monoliths.

You can easily fulfil the Week 6 “Visit Monoliths” task since you’re aware of where you’ll find every one of them.

Game Rewards

Hundreds of new season-exclusive goodies, including new costumes, emotes, packs of V-Bucks, and more are now available for players to collect in Fortnite’s massive Chapter 4 Season 2 updates. Players may gain points for experience and level up to acquire Combat Stars. All of this can then be useful to purchase battle pass goodies, by participating in matches and completing tasks.

Players will notice that Chapter 4 Season 2’s battle pass has a distinct focus: distinctive players and thematic decorations with plenty of flare. Previous battle passes frequently included recognisable faces from across the huge pop culture landscape.

The battle pass for Fortnite is accessible to all players, however Fortnite players and those who can spend 950 the V-Buck may access a premium paid track that enables them to earn credits towards collecting all prizes. The battle pass for Fortnite features fourteen reward pages, with further pages only being accessible once a player reaches certain levels.

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