Ragnarok Origin Thief Build Class Progression

Ragnarok Origin Thief Build Class Progression: You start off as a mere newbie when you construct your initial Ranganrok Origin character. There isn’t much stats data, good equipment, or special powers.

Ragnarok Origin Thief Build Class Progression
Ragnarok Origin Thief Build Class Progression

However, as you advance in levels, the universe widens and you learn that there are a huge variety of programs and career routes available.

You may use each course and subclass’s special benefits and talents to create strong builds that will either inflict havoc on your opponents or aid you and your friends.

Before we move on, one thing must be made quite apparent. Ragnarok Origin Global’s mobile and PC versions differ somewhat from the initial Ragnarok Origin game.

There are multiple subclasses accessible for every class in the original mobile game; however, there is only one subclass available for each subclass in the new global game. We’ll keep you updated on any new developments, but this may change soon owing to forthcoming modifications.

Ragnarok Origin Thief Build Class Progression

If you prefer to blend in, the thief career is great for you. The Thief is a quick-attacking character whose main goal is to turn the tables on your enemies. When playing the Thief, focus on STR and AGI.

When you reach a certain level, you can choose between becoming an Assassin, an Assassin Cross, or a Rogue and Stalker. While the Rogue/Stalker class allows you to sneak about, incapacitate adversaries, and uncover their weak areas, the Assassin class allows you to backstab and poison opponents.

You should reach level 10 and be prepared to select your class after completing the tutorial and acquiring some fundamental explorer skills.

This is a significant choice that really depends on your own play preferences. And whether you enjoy playing by yourself or with others.

Ragnarok Origin Thief Build

If you choose the Thief as your first career, you will most likely focus on team play. The Thief is fast and agile, and he helps a team by diverting opponents secretly. They may not have the most powerful combat powers, but they are a competent and speedy killer.

Some attributes are unnecessary for a class like a Thief, who likes to get up close and personal. While VIT is useful for maximal HP increase, it is not the area we would recommend focusing on. INT is usually utilized for magic-focused characters. Instead, a Thief should prioritize DEX, STR, and AGI.

With the help of this stat distribution. You may create a strong Thief (base level 10) who later becomes an Assassin (base level 40). And finally an Assassin Cross (base level 70).

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