I am the rock LOL Quote Solution

I am the rock LOL Quote Solution: The phrase “I am the rock” in today’s LoLdle game, an online game that puts your League of Legends knowledge to the test, perplexes us.

I am the rock LOL Quote Solution
I am the rock LOL Quote Solution

The Wordle-inspired LoLdle encourages you to identify a League of Legends champion based on their details in the ‘LoLdle Classic’ mode.

If you’re stopping your League of Legends Worlds viewing, you’re probably already utilising the LoLdle quote of the day. If you are acquainted with Wordle, you should have no problem exploring LoLdle.

I am the rock LOL Quote

LoLdle has subsequently split out into many games, including a ‘Splash’ where you guess based on a champion’s art, a ‘Emoji’ with a set of 3-5 to guess the champion, and a ‘Ability’ with, well, an ability from their armoury.

Riot says there are around 140 heroes to choose from, so you may have to make some educated guesses. Thankfully, LoLdle is aware that it may be difficult for players to recall every champion. As you type in your guess, LoLdle will autofill various champion names as possibilities for you to guess from.

What is left is the quote mode. You must identify the champion by utilising a quotation from them. So, if you’re stuck, keep reading to find out how to solve LoLdle’s “I am the rock” riddle dated April 18, 2023.

I am the rock LOL Quote Solution

  • I am the rock LOL Quote 
  • Answer: Taliyah

After around eight guesses, you will really be able to hear the phrase from the champion themselves if you are still unable to identify who says it. Your ability to estimate the person should be much aided by this.

The phrase of the day for LoLdle on April 18 is Taliyah, in case you were still stump as to whose champion it was that uttered it. For League of Legends (LoL) enthusiasts, today was challenging since we needed to solve the problem posed by the phrase “I am the rock.”
Taliyah is the solution for today. That’s it, maybe we were able to help you solve all the LoLdle riddles. We’ll help you if you come back tomorrow.

The LoLdle solutions for today are pretty challenging and not at all straightforward. We could surprise by LoLdle’s uncommon champions, proverbs, skills, and enigmatic artwork. Fortunately, we have a collection of all past answers that may use as an example for today’s suggestions.

If you’re not acquaint, LoLdle is a well-known game that was create by a League of Legends enthusiast and gain popularity swiftly. LoLdle tests the player’s understanding of the game, and some devoted fans play it every day. It is similar to Wordle, a game that became immensely popular in February 2022.

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