Fortnite How to Enter a Vehicle Within 30 Seconds of Landing

Enter a Vehicle Within 30 Seconds of Landing 0/1: It may sound difficult to deal damage within 30 seconds of landing from the Battle Bu.

But there are a few methods you can make this considerably simpler. It is worthwhile to complete this task for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 10 in order to get an additional 24,000 XP for your battle pass.

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Enter a Vehicle Within 30 Seconds of Landing 0/1
Enter a Vehicle Within 30 Seconds of Landing 0/1

The first method is to simply drop by any location that seems to be busy. The majority of POIs are usually fairly crowded near the beginning of the map or in any location where tasks must be completed, like The Spire. Simply follow other passengers off the bus, land next to them, and then begin a traditional harvesting tool match. If you’re lucky, you can be in a terrific position to deal a lot of damage by landing directly on top of a weapon that has spawned as ground loot. For this task, you simply need to inflict 150 damage overall, which equates to 1.5 eliminations.

Enter a Vehicle Within 30 Seconds of Landing 0/1:

The alternative, more dishonourable method is to try to take advantage of a player who is AFK. This is sneakier and less honourable. You’ll frequently land next to someone who has been summon away from the game if you stay on the Battle Bus until the very end and then don’t touch the controls until you are on the ground.

With your harvest tool, you can swiftly smash them to pieces for an easy 100 damage towards the challenge. In order to get through these difficulties as quickly as possible, you occasionally have to lower yourself to taking advantage of a player who was call away. It’s not the most fun way to do it.

The week is significant for Raven Software, a developer. The company recently publish the mid-season update for Call of Duty: Warzone in addition to its QA team having just establish the first significant video game union. A smaller number of players on Caldera, a new rapid travel mechanism to go across the island, and the addition of a new weapon, the H4 Blixen SMG, are just a few of the improvements.

Direct adjustments to Caldera have been made, as detailed by Raven on the Call of Duty blog, to allow players “more counters, more movement, [and] more playtime.” The crowd will be thinne out before the real contest with a new player count of 120.

Furthermore, you may travel quickly between island attractions thanks to the underground transit system. Although you can’t fast move freely between stations because of connections, the meta is still likely to get upset.

A fresh set of Eren Jaeger:

The Fortnite quests are still being add to on a weekly basis, and aside from the most recent changes to their UI design, they have mostly remained the same in their new location within a specific lobby tab. There are new Eren Jaeger tasks available this week, but since they won’t conclude until the end of the season, there’s no need to rush to get the cosmetic benefits they offer.

Along with the venerable Weekly quests (now known as This Season quests) and an additional Trials quests section offering progressively more challenging goals to progress through as you gather items and defeat enemies, the standard discovery quests (Kickstart), storyline quests (Syndicate), and overall progress quests (Milestones) are all still present.

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