How to Reset Character Star Citizen – Easy Step

How to Reset Character Star Citizen: In Alpha 3.18 of Star Citizen, a brand-new Character Repair Tool will be released, which will simply remove a character that is stuck in a certain circumstance and rebuild it there instead of having to respawn and transfer the data for your ships and other goods.

The creators of the Persistent Universe discussed Alpha 3.18 and upcoming features. Such as the Character Repair Tool. Which will let you to fix faults without having to respawn at a medical station. In the most recent episode of Star Citizen Live. The creators at Cloud Imperium Games outlined the benefits of the Character Reset Tool during the most recent Star Citizen live stream.

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How to Reset Character Star Citizen

The Character Reset Tool is typically use by players to respawn and escape situations that make it hard for them to continue the game. According to the developers, even though doing so carries the danger of losing any potential progress or items. Unfortunately, it makes it extremely difficult for servers to transfer the character’s data and restore the items that need to be kept.

Character Repair Tool:

Star Citizen will gain a brand-new Character Repair Tool in Alpha 3.18 to solve this issue. It will only kill your character if it gets trapp in a given place and rebuild it there instead of making you respawn somewhere else and transfer the data for your ships and other goods.

Although it might sound very great because it would save you from making extra trips. It cannot repair any problems with your ships. For instance, when a problem causes players’ ships to lose engines. Vanish from servers, or do anything else that causes your ship to simply shut down.

Having said that, this will provide developers a chance to learn about and fix ship-related errors. Since players could use Character Reset. Developers use to ignore the majority of lesser ship defects, but today the team is dedicat on fixing ship bugs as quickly as possible.

The release of Alpha 3.18 was originally schedule for 2022, but it was postpon until this month. Although it is currently undergoing PTU testing, the release date has been postpon yet more, and it will no longer be available this month.

Star Citizen Character New Tool:

While we are evaluating long-term persistence. If all goes according to plan, activating this option shouldn’t have an effect on some aspects of your character or account. However your character data won’t be entirely restor to its former state with this method. That might help in fixing some more challenging mistakes. even a misplaced mobiGlas.

After it is finish. This process cannot undone. This won’t cause the Long Term Persistence of your character or account to reset. Nothing lost while using this tool can be recover by RSI Support Representatives.

In the event that a pledged item is misplace. It will resurface until the server database is next reset, so it is not permanently gone. Our teams are exploring at methods for reclaiming such pledged items in instances other than those.

On the most recent episode of Star Citizen Live, the Persistent Universe’s developers discussed Alpha 3.18 and impending changes that players may look forward to. Like the Character Repair Tool, which enables you to correct issues without needing to respawn in a medical facility. The Star Citizen devs are hav trouble with the Character Reset Tool. Despite the possibility that players won’t think much of it.

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