How to Fix Star Citizen Installer Error

Star Citizen Installer Error: Given that there are actual galaxies to explore and exploit in the space exploration game Star Citizen, it is enormous.

The download size is reasonable, but with great comes more risk of problems. The dreaded “Installer Error” error could appear during installation or update of Star Citizen, and gamers will need to investigate a few potential causes to figure out what is causing it.

The problem with the Star Citizen installer is annoying a lot of people. What triggers the game’s bug? How do you fix it? This MiniTool article is what you need if you’re attempting to figure them out as these players are. The multiplayer trading and combat simulation game Star Citizen was create by Cloud Imperium Games.

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star citizen installer error
star citizen installer error

This game has drawn a lot of players since its release, but some of them have also experienced problems like Star Citizen Low FPS, Star Citizen error 10002, and the one covered in this piece.

When users log onto the PTU, the Star Citizen installer issue frequently appears, according to user complaints (Public Test Universe). When they attempt to download, install, or update the game, they likewise encounter the issue. Moreover, the notification “An error has occurre during the installation steps” is frequently shown.

Why Does Star Citizen Have Installation Errors?

The Star Citizen game and its RSI launcher need at least 60GB of free disc space to function properly, as is well known to us. You can have the “Star Citizen won’t install” problem if your disc space is low. That is among the most frequent causes of the launcher error for Star Citizen.

In this instance, you just need to manually empty the USER folder’s contents. The RSILauncher folder in the AppData may become corrupt if you experience an unforeseen interruption when downloading the game or its update. If the game installation data are disperse throughout many folders, this may result in improper communication between game modules.

How to Fix the Star Citizen Installer Error:

As was already note, one of the main causes of Star Citizen’s installation issues is a lack of hard disc space. Thus, we strongly advise you to check the hard drive space by going to Settings > System > Storage.

If there isn’t enough free space on the drive where you’re going to install the game (less than 60 GB), you might want to think about extending the partition to make additional room. If there is adequate room, you can forego this approach and proceed to other possible solutions.

Open the main interface of MiniTool Partition Wizard, choose the partition on which you wish to install the Star Citizen game, and then choose Extend Partition from the action panel. You can select the free disc space you want to remove from a partition or from unallocated space in the pop-up window by dragging the sliding handle.

Click OK to return to the main interface after confirmation. Many impacted players claimed that deleting the USER folder inside the RSI game folder resolved the Star Citizen account data update failed issue. This is due to the possibility of a corrupted temporary file linked to your user account. Now, perform the procedures listed below to remove the damaged USER folder.

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