All Realm of Farakhkert Hard to Find Chest You Missed Genshin Impact

All Realm of Farakhkert Hard to Find Chest You Missed Genshin Impact: The Girdle of the Sands, a new feature for Genshin Impact Version 3.6, has extended Sumeru’s immense desert.

All Realm of Farakhkert Hard to Find Chest You Missed Genshin Impact
All Realm of Farakhkert Hard to Find Chest You Missed Genshin Impact

This area of the Sumeru desert appears distinct from the rest by eschewing bleak ruins and subterranean temples in favor of 500-year-old antiquities, Khaenri’ah, and the Abyss. There are various regions to explore and things to discover, and you’ll even meet some unusual new friends in the shape of the Pari.

All Realm of Farakhkert Hard to Find Chest You Missed Genshin Impact

In Genshin Impact, Luxurious Chests provide a plethora of goodies, and each version update introduces new treasures to explore. This time, you’ll explore additional arid locations and a lovely oasis in search of treasure. Here’s our guide to finding all version 3.6 Luxurious Chests in Sumeru’s Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert locations.

If you complete a specific job for one of these Pari, they may reward you with treasures like Primogems and boxes. Some of the Residual Pari, in particular, has asked you to find and return to them with a rare plant known as the Udumbara Pistil. Although it may be challenging to find these Udumbara flowers, the advantages are well worth the effort.

All Realm of Farakhkert Hard to Find Chest

Several version 3.6 Luxurious Chests can be found when casually wandering Gavireh Lajavard and the Realm of Farakhkert. However, a couple of demand you to advance farther in the Khvarena of both good and evil quests in order to visit specific regions.

All Realm of Farakhkert Hard to Find Chest You Missed Genshin Impact
All Realm of Farakhkert Hard to Find Chest You Missed Genshin Impact

Our Genshin Impact version 3.6 Luxurious Chests guide categorizes these treasures depending on whether they may be obtained through ordinary exploration or as part of quests.

Sumeru Shrine of Depths

Utilize the above-ground teleporter located directly west of Asipattravana Swamp, then proceed to follow the sloped road as it makes a round. Use a Shrine of Depths Key to knock down the obstruction.

Asipattravana Swamp Kory Drum Puzzles

Make your way to the eastern part of the Asipattravana Swamp. There are three Kory Drum Puzzle diagrams in there. The first two may be seen in the image above, while the third is closer to the waterfall.

Finish each Kory Drum puzzle using the normal mechanics. If the hole in the leaf is small, use a conventional assault on the drum; if it is large, halt for a few seconds. These particular issues do not necessitate a diving attack. However, you’re not done yet. This Luxurious Chest can only appear if you accomplish the jumping challenge as well.

When you complete a Kory Drum puzzle, a challenging marker will show. As you come into touch with it, several mushroom platforms will appear. Based on the most recent drum score or sequence you played, you must move across the platforms. What this means is

Standard drops are used in place of typical assault actions.
The mushroom platform is entirely avoided. Never, ever attempt to land on it. Each hurdle you overcome will reveal a chest. After finishing all three, a Luxurious Chest will appear in the middle.

Tunigi Hollow Farrwicks

This entire operation is taking place in Tunigi Hollow’s southern region. There are three Farrwicks in this town. The goal is to track them down until they arrive at the specified place. In the image above, the first Farrwick revolves around a plate. Pyro characters should be used to light the four torches clockwise. This will make it move. he Consecrated Beast is close to the second and second Farrwicks, which are farther down the slope.

As Farrwick progresses, more enemies will appear. Simply remove them to allow the Farrwicks to get to their destinations. After completing this assignment, you can unlock the Luxurious Chest. Similar to the previous issue, it looks that unlocking the Luxurious Chest by marking only the first Farrwick—the one close to the Pyro torches—is a bug.

Samudra Coast

On the map’s northwest corner, there lies a little island. The plan is to use the surrounding above-ground teleporters before climbing the plateau’s inclining route. As you near the coast, you’ll eventually be able to glide all the way to the island. Once you arrive, you can take the loot.

Asipattravana Swamp Purple Mist

The western portion of Asipattravana Swamp has three Seelie pedestals. To activate Sorush’s bombardment skill, however, you must first begin the Asipattravana Itihasa quest. Interact with the enormous green bulbs to summon the corrupted slimes from the purple mists. Next, engage with the Nirodha Fruit to provide Sorush with explosives. Float over the slimes and let out your cargo to destroy them.

You can therefore liberate two Seelies in this manner .As you reach the third and final Seelie, drop the Nirodha Bomb on the large amber deposit along the cliff. You will be rewarded after all three Seelies have reached their pedestals.

Khvarena’s Light Shows — Nirodha

This Genshin Impact Luxurious Chest requires the accomplishment of As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Nirodha. After exiting the ruins, you could discover the container in a hallway.

Khvarena’s Light Shows 

To acquire this one, you must finish As lady Khvarena’s Light Shows. You will battle Nasejuna with a Hydro Abyss Lector at the conclusion of this assignment. You receive the following quest step after chatting with Sorush, which can make you feel like you should continue.Not at all.

Instead, go further into the interior, past the cave where the Hilichurl Rogue is. The underground fortress you reach has a huge entryway. Unless you turn to your left, it seems as though there is no way to cross the chasm. You can ascend the tree trunk, next its limbs, and ultimately the ledges of stone. On the other side of the steps, there is a decorative container.

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