Ragnarok Origin F2P FS Priest Hellheim Hard (HHH) Best Guide, Build And Showcase

Ragnarok Origin HHH F2P FS Priest Hellheim Hard (HHH) Best Guide, Build, And Showcase: Ragnarok Origin is a popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. Among its many features, Ragnarok Origin boasts an intricate class system, where players can choose to play in different classes, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses. One of these classes is the FS Priest, a healer class that excels in keeping its party members alive. In this article, we will be discussing the best build and guide for a F2P FS Priest in Hellheim Hard (HHH).

Firstly, it is important to understand the role of an FS Priest in HHH. The main objective of an FS Priest is to keep the party members alive through healing and supporting them. This class can also deal damage and debuff enemies, but its primary focus is on healing.

Ragnarok Origin F2P FS Priest Hellheim Hard (HHH)
Ragnarok Origin F2P FS Priest Hellheim Hard (HHH)

The Best Build for F2P FS Priest in Ragnarok Origin HHH

The following is the best build for a F2P FS Priest in HHH:

Stats Distribution:

  • INT: 99
  • VIT: 99
  • DEX: 60
  • LUK: 1


  • Heal: Max Level
  • Blessing: Max Level
  • Increase SP Recovery: Max Level
  • Kyrie Eleison: Max Level
  • Magnificat: Max Level
  • Suffragium: Max Level
  • Gloria: Level 1
  • Lex Aeterna: Level 1


  • Upper Headgear: Saint’s Hood
  • Middle Headgear: Gentleman’s Pipe
  • Lower Headgear: Spiked Scarf
  • Armor: Saint’s Robe
  • Weapon: Nemesis Staff
  • Shield: Mirror Shield
  • Garment: Saint’s Cape
  • Shoes: Saint’s Boots
  • Accessories: Saint’s Ring x2

This build focuses on maximizing the Priest’s healing abilities while providing decent survivability through high VIT. The INT stat boosts the effectiveness of healing spells and also contributes to the Priest’s damage output. The DEX stat improves the Priest’s casting speed, and LUK is not necessary for this build.

The Saint’s equipment set is easily obtainable for F2P players, making it a great choice for this build. The Nemesis Staff provides additional healing and damage, while the Mirror Shield offers protection against magical attacks.

The Best Guide for F2P FS Priest in Ragnarok Origin HHH

The following guide outlines the best practices for a F2P FS Priest in HHH:

  1. Always stay behind the tank: As an FS Priest, it is crucial to stay behind the tank and away from enemies. This will reduce the likelihood of being targeted by enemies and allow the Priest to focus on healing the tank and party members.
  2. Use Heal and Kyrie Eleison wisely: Heal is the primary healing spell for Priests, and Kyrie Eleison provides a protective shield to party members. Use these spells wisely and prioritize healing the tank and other party members with low health.
  3. Buff party members: Blessing, Increase SP Recovery, Magnificat, Suffragium, and Gloria are all valuable buffs that can improve the party’s performance. Make sure to keep these buffs up at all times.
  4. Debuff enemies: Lex Aeterna can increase the damage dealt to enemies, while other debuffs like Aspersio can increase the party’s damage output. Use these spells when appropriate.
  5. Communicate with the party: Communication is key in HHH. Make sure to communicate with the party and inform them of any incoming attacks or enemy debuffs. This will help the party stay alive and perform better.
  6. For HHH mode, it’s recommended that you go with the FS build since healing and support spells are essential in this mode. Here are the skills you should focus on:
    • Blessing: Increases the target’s ATK and MATK. This spell is excellent for buffing up your teammates and making them deal more damage.

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